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3.50 Turbo SNG

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    Hi this is my first post on the forums and i was wondering if anyone would like to go through this and look at where i played the hands well and were i played poorly, i did win the tournament but felt there were a lot of occasions when i did play the hand poorly by raising against short stacks without raising them all in, i was playing 3 other of the same tournament, i also feel that my heads up play needs more work as i have been playing a lot of hyper-turbo $7 heads up, and i think this has affected my normal/turbo speed heads up play. Thanks, kind regards MintyADL

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    min raising early in the tourney can get you into trouble. If you're going to open, even from the SB, make a normal raise.

    Hand 10: after a min raise and a call preflop, you shoved with AK. That's really risky that early. Make a std raise and re-evaluate after the flop. You've got 29BB and don't need to be shoving that much without a made hand, this early.

    Hand 23: AA with a bad board for AA... really think you need to bet the flop to see where you're at. That's a real bad board to be giving someone a free card with. Too many str8 combos they can hit.

    Hand 35: AKs from small blind... again, you shoved. when blind vs blind with AK, you're most likely ahead, so raise for value... not a push to get the opp to fold. You'll make more chips in the long run if you make a std raise and play post-flop.

    Hand 40: 10's from sb.... same thing as hand 35.... if you std raise, you'll get more value in the long run. You're most likely ahead, so you want to get chips from them, not get them to fold.

    Hand 51: same thing... you shoved with Q6 suited and got REAL LUCKY. Make a std raise, instead of shoving. You were a 2-1 dog to win the hand for basically your whole stack.

    heads up advice... when you get to heads-up and you're the big stack. When you've got an A, bet for value. You're way too push happy when you most likely have the best hand. If you keep pushing like that, you're going to win alot of small pots, but when the opp does have a hand, you'll double them...... which will turn around the stack sizes very quickly. What you want to do is to whittle their stack down to almost nothing... then start shoving on them. If you're at less than a 3-1 chip lead... losing only one of those hands will lose you the chip lead.
    Someone that is shove-happy, like you were in this one, is exactly what your opp will want you to be.... they'll catch up to your stack and pass it in only 1 hand. Get their stack down lower, by raising your marginal or better hand and outplay them post-flop, then shove anything decent when you have an 8-1 or 10-1 stack to them... so one double up by them having a hand or getting lucky does not ruin your chip advantage.
    Yes, you want to continually put pressure on your opponent by raising alot, but you don't want to be shove happy..... or in the long run, you won't win anywhere near the % that you should be winning.

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