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some hands

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  • some hands

    Hi all This is my 1st thread posted in this forum wath i did wrong with those hands?

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    hand 1: You did nothing wrong. You played it correctly and got bad beat on a 1 out river.

    hand 2: 23 suited... easy muck and you made the correct play

    hand 3: another bad beat. Played correctly and unlucky.

    Both hand losses are bad beats..... you played them correctly and will lose them a given % of the time.... which is what happened. Don't always be results oriented, just be sure to play them the correct way, as you did... and you'll be ahead in the long run.

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      #1 any time someone wants toplay for stacks preand you're looking at pocket 1s, you should be thrilled to death, and here you were a HUGE favorite....bummer.. Poker happened to ya
      #3 good again. you raised to iso, and got what you were hoping for (better really, with only 1 over) another suck out. Keep on keepin' on
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        Hand #1: Agree with JWK.

        While in most cases your Jam may be more likely to just get you FOLDS when you'd want at least 1 caller, with a raise and a re-raise in front of you, you can probably expect at least one of them to feel they have enough to call.

        As such, you do benefit from thinning the field of others behind you who may come along, and with your push, you also ensure max value if one of the raisers ahead does call.

        After that it is all down to luck, because when the $ went in, you are guarenteed to be ahead, and with better than a 50% chance to win in anything up to a 4 person flop too...

        Hand #2:

        Why would you think for even a second you did anythign "wrong" by folding 23s?

        Even if you thought you might be able to get a cheap flop by limping in, you would probably be faced with a difficult to paly DRAW when out of position in almost all cases.

        Much better to avoid playing hands liek this out of position.

        Hand #3:

        Without info on what this guy might shove a 5.3BB stack on to stand, it is very hard to really assess whether your call was good or bad.

        Realistically, against what he SHOULD be shoving, your JJ plays very well indeed.

        Since there are 2 stacks SHORTER than the initial all-in palying the blinds, you have no reaosn to raise to isolate and make your JJ play BETTER, so the call is fine.
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          Perfect plays. The shove with AA on the first hand is great because after the raise and reraise with the stack sizes they had, you can expect atleast one of them to call you. It is a good idea to be very straightforward in that situation and basically show everyone you have a seriously good hand. That way everybody else will stay out of the hand with stuff like small pp's, suited connectors and such. Your tournament life was being put on the line so you don't want the overall odds of winning the hand to drop too much. 1-2 callers is ideal risk/reward there and thats what you can usually expect after a shove in that spot.



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