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SNG Betting for value 2nd hand

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  • SNG Betting for value 2nd hand

    hey this was the 2nd hand of the SNG so I didn't have a read on the villian. my thought process - when he raises UTG to 80 I'm putting him on a strong range and when action folds around to me i call hoping to flop a set. the flop is just what i wanted to see. i like the ace but not necessarily the 2 hearts. when he bets over half the pot i put him on an ace and i'm hoping a strong ace. i re-raise in order to try and get some more information about the strength of his hand and to try to discourage him from chasing. when he calls i figure he's probably has AK, AQ, AJ. i think it's possible for him to have AA but I'm not too worried about that. the king on the turn is another card i like as i hope that he's made two pair. he surprises me with his check and i decide to fire out a value bet of 600 hoping to get called. he folds and i think i may have read his hand wrong. do you think my bet sizing on the turn, and in general, is good?

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    I'd have just called the flop bet, instead of raising it. By raising it, I think you might have missed some value. When they called it, they had a flush draw or an A. When they check the turn, I'd narrow that range to either a flush draw or a very weak A or 9/10. When you bet the turn, about the only hands that will call your bet after checking are 2 pair or AA.
    Raising the flop, your opp will put you on 2 pair, AK or a set... and if they can't beat those 3 hands, they won't call your turn bet. If you just called the flop, then they may have called a bet on the turn if they checked it.... giving you a chance to get more chips from them there and possibly the river (granted it gives them a chance to draw).

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