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Defending against a Squeeze or fold?

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  • Defending against a Squeeze or fold?

    Hey everyone, this hand came up all of a sudden, I woke up with a solid hand, due to my position and the preflop raiser I didn't want to reraise the initial raiser, However the SB decided to squeeze, I know that this guy his 3bet range is almost as high as the amount of hands he plays, he rarely calls a preflop raise. therefore I decided to reraise him and he moved allin, my question is: should I reraise a squeeze with a better hand than AQs, should I just fold? should I be willing to go allin with the hand after I made a move like this? thanks in advance.

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    looks like that guy wants to just run over everyone (and has the stack to do it). I'd have probably just called the raise to $12 and saw the flop. By re-raising to $30... he's probably going to push about every time with probably ATC, and you'd need to be ready to call him, if he did.

    Did you have any reads on this player, or know how many pots they'd been in? Reads would make a ton of difference in what to do.

    If they're a calling station, then I'm calling his raise and going all-in. If they're playing tighter (which I'd guess the probably aren't, due to thier stack size).. then I'd just call the $12 and see the flop.

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      Specific stats would be helpful beyond just he always 3b's or folds... if his pfr/3b is around 8 or less this is an easy fold, if it's 15 it may not be.

      Also stats on the opener would be helpful, I think vs a short stacker I'm generally going to 3b/get it in with AQs unless they're playing super tight. Flatting isn't bad though. In the absence of more info fold to the 3b squeeze, you can't play this spot profitably without more defined reads... it's possible the squeezer can be exploited but if I don't know how yet I'm just going to release.

      As played I think 4b/folding is fine, most players 5b jam range 117 bb's deep will have AQ smashed, you'll be looking at a lot of QQ+ and AK's in this spot. If the guy is known to 5b jam light then getting it in can't be that bad, but most players who aren't massive spewtards won't be, especially vs. a flat/back raise like this which is a pretty strong move.
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        i probably woulda 3bet the OR sinse you"re IP, but barring that, after the SB squeeses and the OR goes away i"m generally flatting IP and taking a flop w/ AQs. as dave said without stats as to preflop tendencies of the villain, after you flat/ back raise and he comes over the top (which as he also said, looks real strong to almost all sane opponents) i think your fold was the best play for sure. we don't want to be 4bet / folding as a general rule, so if this guy seemed to be sane, i'd tend to 4bet little stronger than AQs. if this guy was out of control though, i probably woulda made the call. i mean, was this guy just moving a lot of chips around, or was he generally 3 or 4betting with actual hands that warranted it? do you use tracking software? if so post some stats for this guy. if not, at the level you're playing, i highly recommend getting either PT3, or holdem manager. for under 100 bucks, they're the best things sinse sliced bread to not only know your opponents better, but for self analysus, and plugging leaks in your own game as well. you can get a 15 or 30 day free trial and i believe even get the program free by playing on some selected sites ( pokerstars being one of them) best of luck out there man! stack em high! MT
        ps. you say this guy "never" does NOT come in for (i'm guessing) an opening raise or 3bet. what % VPIP?10, 15, 20, more? this guy had a triple stack. did he get there with actual hands? he's OOP. does he generally play position well? what % WTSD? i guess what i'm saying in a nutshell.... did you "believe" him? to illustrate what Dave is saying, against a 10% range your equity was about 53/47 against 15% you"re 58/42ish if you think this guys 5bet shove range is say 10s+ you go to 37/63ish. and even at say 5% which is something like 88+ AJs+ KQs+ AKo ur still 42/58ish with your AQs
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