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  • pocket play

    So i have been finding when i get pocket aces kings or queens, I shove, and i end up losing by the river more often then winning, and vice versa when im all in with a straight or flush draw vs pockets i end up losing, or if i push all in with AK and smaller pockets call me i often lose too.

    I was in a multytable tournament and i eliminated someone, then i was moved to another table. i only had about 7000 chips. On the new table i was moved to, everyone on that table had 30,000 chips or more. I was dealt pocket queens on the big blind, 4 or 5 player limped in (blinds 250), i decided to push all in with my queens as seeing they all had 5 times as many chips as me. I was called my one guy with A9, he hit an ace on the turn. I was so close to finally making it to the bubble but ended losing.

    what is the best way to play big pocket cards?? should we try and get them to push, or leave some room to bet on the flop, turn and river?

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      about 25BB is alot to push with. If you want to be more successful in tourneys is to learn to raise with these premium pairs preflop (2.5-4BB), then outplay anyone calling, after the flop. Too many players want to either push of fold preflop.... learn to play after the flop, then you will be able to take alot more chips from them, especially if they hit a hand that is lower than yours. ex: you have QQ with a J high flop. if they have AJ or KJ, then they'll bet and you can raise them after the flop, knowing your QQ beats their top pair. They may or may not call a push preflop, but will call more after they hit top pair.... which is worse than your hand.

      What you don't want to do with that big of a stack (if 10BB or lower, then it's an auto-push), is to push without seeing the other cards that can beat you.

      Short-stack (10bb or less) then push preflop..... bigger stacks, you want to raise and outplay someone after the flop.

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        Lets start with a quote from David Sklanskys Theory of Poker.

        “ Every time you play a hand differently from the way you would have played it if you could see all your opponents’ cards, then gain and every time you play your hand the same way you would have played it if you could see all their cards they lose."

        This is actually a real famous theorem.

        So do you think shoving your premium hands are the best way to accumulate chips?
        I hope you see that is not winning strategy in the long run since a.) people will just fold and b.) suckouts from players that for one reason or another think they got better with ace rags.

        So get into the pattern of asking your self what is the best way to get all the chips in the middle.
        You either want worst hands to call or you want better hands to fold.



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