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$3.50 SNG - folded trips

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  • $3.50 SNG - folded trips

    At this point I've played 40 hands and the table is tight. Lots of pots are being picked up pre-flop by the 1st person to raise. My opponents this hand has stats of 15/10/33. He hasn't been very aggressive and that was my major concern. I raised pre-flop because I expected to be able to pick up the pot right there. When he calls me I'm slightly worried because he hasn't played too many hands. I think he could have a strong hand or a pocket pair trying to flop a set. I like the flop and decide to bet out just over half the pot to try and discourage him from chasing, if he is, but to encourage him to call with a weaker hand than mine. When he re-raises and shoves on the turn I'm thinking the only hands, that he could have, that I can possibly beat at this point are AA, 77, 88, AQ, or a pure bluff. It's possible for him to cold call me pre-flop with a stronger king or any pocket pair really so he could have 33 or QQ. I knew that if I folded I'd still have a healthy chip stack but if I make the wrong call here I'm almost finished. Maybe this play is too tight or me being afraid to make big calls. Let me know what you guys think. Any advice helps.

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    I think a call on the flop means he had a full house, trips with a better kicker, or a flush draw, he could also be floating, or calling with a PP ready to try and take it down if you show weakness. If he isn't floating you than Id give him a range of

    33,,AsQs,AsJs,AsTs,As9s,As8s,As7s,K9s+,QsJs,QsTs,J sTs,AKo,KTo+

    When a 3rd spade hits and he shoves over your 500 chip bet, his range crushes you, he is shoving for value, he has a full house, trips with a better kicker, or a flush. Think you made a good disciplined fold.


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      I'd have raised more preflop. Min raises are weak and can be played upon. When the 3rd spade hits, although, bells start going off signaling a flush. AK should have re-raised preflop, so I'd rule it out.. pkt spades with the A, is probably what they have.

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