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Stupid call

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  • Stupid call

    Didn't manage to post this yesterday had to rush off to work.This is from the same 25c 90 man sit and go that I requested a hand evaluation from for my KK hand. This is the final table and I think we're about 15 hands in, Here are my reads on the players in this hand.... Azkalle - Only played with him since at the fianl table seems to be loose passive pre-flop but post flop plays fit or fold (seen him play 2 ace rag hands to show down once he's hit his ace,. just won a monster pot after filling up on the river beating a set and 2 pair) ngomaprod - likes to see cheap flop but is pretty tight when calling pre-flop raises (something i have used to take his small blind and late position limps), Peapicker1 - Another player who i have only played with since the final table and I haven't seen him in a pot I've taken this as him being a very tight player. So I'm in the BB and there are 3 limpers i open for a 4x raise with my 99 (thinking about this now i proabably should have raised slightly bigger maybe 5x as there were 3 limpers) Azkalle and pea picker call the other guy fold the flop comes 554 rainbow and i figure this is a pretty good board for my 9's and decide to C-bet just over half pot azkalle folds and peapicker shoves i completely spaz out forget how tight he's been playing and call thinking he's bluffing here's the rest of the hand....
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I played this hand really badly and didn't take the time to think about what he could have I just assumed that with that sort of board i would be best now i think about it the limp call pre-flop stinks of a small PP and i should have realised this. Don't really know why i called looking back on it now perhaps could i have got away from the hand if i hadn't C-bet? But tbh i think i played it badly start to finish.
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    even if you raised to 5X or 6X, with Azkalle calling it, peapicker's probaly staying with a pkt pair.

    I actually liked the c-bet on the flop. It'll let you know exactly where you are in the hand. When peapicker shoves it (especially if he's playing tight), then he has one of 3 things..... cat 1 pkt pair trying to trap someone preflop by initially limping, 44 or 55. You're way, way behind all of these and need to immediately muck.

    You still have 25 BB if you muck, which is a very playable stack, so you don't absolutely have to call a shove. You also won't be low chip stack, and at the FT, every place you can gain is more $$$ to the bankroll.

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      well imo heres where ya went wrong:

      Raising OOP with 99 when players are fairly deep......recepe for disaster

      Check next time


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        I really don't know why i called looking back at the hand it seems such an easy lay down but at the time i just failed to think about his range and made a stupid call, definitely need to learn to slow down when making decisions rather than just panicking and making stupid mistakes.
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