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Laying down a monster

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  • Laying down a monster

    This hand is in a 25c 90 man sit and go i have just been moved to this table I have no info on any players apart form the player directly to my left who was at my previous table, we are now down to the final 18 so are approaching the bubble. This is literally my very first hand so I have no info on any of the other players and they do not know that I've been playing tight. I see that I have KK in EP and open for my standard 2.5X raise but obviously no-one knows this is my standard raise, i get two callers here is how the hand goes
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    When the flop comes A 3 6 rainbow I'm obviously not thrilled with the A coming but i think that if no one has hit a C-bet should take it down and if i do get called i can re-evaluate depending on what the turn card is, I also make my C-bet a little larger than normal to discourage any smaller PP's. One guy folds and the second guy shoves he has me covered i tank for ages running right down into my time bank and eventually decide to fold as any raggedy ace has me beat, and there is a chance he made a set although unlikely. Could this be a clever play and am I being too nitty or was it the right fold? This hand really got me muddled up and i still have no idea if i made the right decision so some advice would be really great thanks I also have one more hand from later in this tourney that i will post soon
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    Your KK can't beat a pair of aces, so it IS the correct play to fold it. You raised preflop, the correct play, then made a bet to see where you're at after the flop. It's actually a good thing for you that the opp pushed, so you could get out of the hand... instead of smooth calling and possibly losing more chips on the turn/river.

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        Good fold. umbup:
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          KK on an A high flop, you have to fold to that shove.

          The only thing I do not like about this hand is that your C bet really big, 77% of the pot. I do not think you can get called by worse than KK when you bet this large. You intend to take a bet/fold line you should bet less so that when your opponent has the A you can get away cheaper. In his tournament books Dan Harrington makes a good point about c betting, if you bet 50% of the pot you only have to win 1/3 of those bets to break even, I like to follow that line of thinking when I c bet. If I was in your spot here, I would have bet 550, which is enough to find out where you stand without losing to much chips when your beat.


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            Good fold ..... It always amazes me how many players are willing to call ANY raise with and A rag. I have paid off way too many hands like this to think anything other than ..... If I raise and get called with KK, then c bet the flop and get called OR pushed on, that I am facing two pair, a set, or and A of some sort. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten is " Learn to fold the Big Ones". I wish I would have read this earlier today and followed this advice ,,,, cause guess what hand I played and lost my stack with ...... KK vs. A5o with a board of A 10 8 5 2.
            Keep up the good folds .... it'll serve you well in the future and you will get a lot further by protecting your chips ( as you know . ... they can be hard to come by).


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              Straight forward snapfold in this spot :p He polarized to AQ+ or air and we can assume he almost never has air here.



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