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    Your preflop open seems too small because:

    - you're offering amazing odds to your opponent who can profitably play hit-or-miss
    - by encouraging a call, you are also offering them position
    - you are setting yourself up for very gross spots postflop when you c-bet and he jams
    - if he rejams preflop, you'll have to fold

    On 15bb, there's absoutely nothing wrong with open jamming this, and I think that's the most profitable play unless you have some special reason to think that you can exploit a leak here.

    The flop is pretty good for your hand ina heads-up pot, and I like your bet sizing because it encourages drawing hands to shove rather than call. You can't ever really fold this at any point in the hand, so by betting big, you're just making it easier to commit even if a 4-straight appears.


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      Maybe this isn't the way the villain saw the hand, but this is what might have gone through his head. He called your preflop open, which in and of itself was for a large portion of his stack, but that call was profitable. Hence, he outplayed you preflop. When he didn't flop a hand that could win however, he kept trying to find a way to force his hand to become profitable. He threw good money after bad out of desperation to win and therefore he became the one who was outplayed. If only he had folded the flop, you would have technically taken the theoretical loss.


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        I'd have raised more preflop (at least to 300, if not 400).

        I'd have also bet more on the flop (at least make a pot-sized bet, if not even pushing).

        You want to price him out of any draws that they could have that can beat you.

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          Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
          You want to price him out of any draws that they could have that can beat you.
          Betting smaller is a good play so long as your opponent will get all-in on the turn regardless of the card. You want draws to peel, because your opponent cannot have a draw strong enough to give them more equity than you. Even if the villain has a pair, an OESD, and backdoor flush potential, you're still the favourite to win the hand. So, you gain nothing by inducing a fold if that's what your opponent has. You just need to bet big enough on the flop to make sure they commit on the turn. If they are disciplined enough to fold the turn if they don't hit, then overbetting the pot has some value, but since you can't range your opponent on a hand as good as an OESD 100% of the time, betting around 3/4 the pot is fine.



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