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AK 4bet?

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  • AK 4bet?

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    in a tournament this stage, raising allin is the best play. you could have tripled up. In tournaments sometimes you have to gamble those coin flips to get a massive chip lead so you can take advantage as a big stack bully


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      I'm playing The Big 2.20, I'm in the SB with a 36BB stack. I don't remember the details on the players, but my general logic was that when karecanvr 3bet I felt like he had a premium hand- QQ, KK, AA, AK, AQ. I didn't really know what to do with me AK. I didn't really want to call and bloat the pot, also drummie would have had good odds to call which I was pretty sure he would have done. I wasn't ready to put my tourney on the line on a coin flip 4bet shove considering I had a 36BB stack. So I decided to fold. Later I thought about the hand and thought that shoving would have been better decision. Was my play okay and how would u have played the hand?


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        to addup ofcourse you cannot know if your opponent has AA or KK, but it is less likely since you have 2 of them. there is also some math involved, you fold now and have M of 15, and if you triple or double up you have an M of 30 or 45 calculate with an M of 15 you think you will make it to the money but not win big unless you really have luck so you might win a few $. However on the other hand if you win this hand and get an M of 30 you guess you will come further and win 3 times as much as you would if you have folded. same calculation goes for if you triple up. Sometimes such gambles might leave you with either nothing or a lot, while folding will leave you in the middle. We all know that the big payouts are in the top and it is worthwhile becoming the top once and failing 9 times than being in the middle 10 times. umbup:


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          then in reply to that, no i think you made a wrong play. as I've just explained.
          next to that in those lower buy in tournaments people tend to be very loose and stupid. so you might have tripled in this situation :P


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            at 100/200 with your chip stack... it's too early to be gambling without a made hand. Later on in the tourney, then I'd have pushed.... BUT... since it's early, you made the correct play.

            You already have enough chips to get ITM, don't risk what you will win, with a marginal hand. After hitting ITM, or if your chip stack was alot less, then yes... it's a shove.... but, at this early stage of the tourney, you made the correct move by folding a non-made hand.

            You'd have gotten lucky and won it, but 38% equity is not a hand to put your tourney life on the line with this early. Wait and get your chips in when you're the favorite in a hand.
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