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KK 3bet

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  • KK 3bet

    I saw KK in I was on a BB. Player UTG+1 min raises, other players fold. I decided to do a 3-bet which he insta-called. A flop comes 3 J Q with 2 diamonds. There were some draws. I fired a bit than 30% into the pot. He called again, i put him on a diamond draw or AK. The turn card was 3 of spades which did not bring any draws live so i checked, because that player was aggresive so i knew he is gonna fire. And he did....i raised him 3 times of his bet, and he went all in. The only hand i could be scared of were 33, JQ and AA. I was calling anyway and did the right decision. Is there anything i did wrong or i could play different? Regards, Hohnerboy

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    well played, obviously he made a mistake both preflop and postflop.
    IN THIS SITUATION it was perfect played.

    but I'd be afraid of a flush / straigth draw myself. Remember the pot is already kind of large due to the 3bet and you want to be inclined to win it fast. Since his stack couldnt hurt you that much I'd go allin on this flop, due to potential draws.

    hope this helped you


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      I liked the way you played it.

      Why would you put him on a diamond draw or AK? I'd have thought top pair, so AQ or KQ or a diamond draw or a broadway draw.

      Good job getting the opp to put his chips in against your premium hand.

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        even if he had AQ all money would go in anyway, so why not go allin immediately?
        I think going allin is the best play here regardless of what the opponent actually holds, because if he is planning on playing the flush draw on the flop he will do it also on the turn, same holds for AQ since both those hands can outdraw you anyway you still gain equity of your opponent folding.
        Harrington describes just a same hand in his 3rd book (the workbook) with JJ, almost same situation.
        I possibly cannot think of any other bet, since you are first to act your opponent might fold a hand you still have beat, that sucks but that is poker.


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          Put your opponent all in on the turn.

          Your 3 bet and C bet were well sized, you built yourself a nice pot to get all of your opponents chips, and there was no reason to believe your KK was not the best hand, I think you have to bet the turn. Your opponent had less than 1/2 pot bet so it's natural to just put him all in.

          By not betting your giving him a free card to beat you. You said it yourself, when you ranged him you thought he was drawing, so why would you give him a free card? Also, if he was drawing this is your last chance to get his chips before his draw hits, he wont call 2100 on the river if he misses his draw, but he'll call 2100 on the turn when he still has a chance to hit it.


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            Man, I smell fish...... note and Buddy list time only thing I would add is you don't want to discount JJ or QQ from your "behind list"
            May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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              I agree with Paid, go ahead and get him in on the turn. We don't know if he'll bet the turn for us or not but once he calls the flop c-bet he WILL call the turn with what little chips he has left... since we know his hand is at least strong enough for this just bet it yourself.

              Also agree with JWK, your hand ranging seems off. You're excluding a lot of hands that are easily in his range when you say you put him on AK or a diamond draw.

              BTW, it's actually very unlikely he'll show up with diamonds. DUCY?
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                Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
                BTW, it's actually very unlikely he'll show up with diamonds. DUCY?
                I guess no one CC Y.

                We have no read provided, but the player did open raise in EP and then call a solid 3b from a big stack... there are very few card combos of 2 diamonds they can hold. Their suited cards should usually consist of solid starters/premium non-paired starters... but the Q and J of diamonds are on the board, and we hold the K. So what does that leave? AdTd? That's pretty loose to call the 3b but it's not unrealistic. It may be the only card combo though.

                Now, if they will open suited connector type hands and call this 3b with them (a read we don't have), then there are more card combos of 2 diamonds in their range but not many, and there are many more non-diamond hands in their range as well in that case.
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