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k10 off in small blind

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  • k10 off in small blind

    My question is the check on the flop bad? If I check raise and he reraises again should I be putting him on a set or a straight flush draw? If I did think he had one of these hands is folding bad? I didnt care either way I wasnt going to fold Another question I have is if I was in the position of him but I had a open ended sf draw could I play it the same way he played the k10?
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    I don't see any reason to slowplay two pair HU. You do more to disguise its strength by betting, and two pair is the nuts HU. Also OESFD's. Your value range should expand when you're playing only two-handed, but when you makes plays like this one, you risk losing value from weaker hands in his range, and you risk scaring off hands you otherwise would have gotten value from because your checkraise just looks strong. Also, if he has a really strong holding (like it looked like he had here), then even if you lead out, the money is getting in anyway. If he's going to fold, he's going to fold. Leading out is very very often much better than slowplaing.


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      Ok thanks panicky for all your info
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        I agree with panicky...

        In this blind on blind battle, either he has something to call you, or he doesn't.

        Your benefit of "tricky" plays like checking or check raising in a more STANADRD pot (1 raises to enter, 1 call) has gone DOWN, because in those hands you have already expressed the fact you have STRENGTH pre-flop. Here you did NOT express that same type of strength pre (you might be jsut blind stealing) , so the fact you ARE as strong as top 2 is already "hidden"...see?

        That means a villain will tend to NOT realize that you are on as strong a hand as you have, thus you will tend to get calls from a WIDER RANGE.

        Of course that range is not INFINATELY wide, so you benefit yourself by getting your value early if he WILL call bets...see?

        After that, the hand plays pretty standard really.

        good hand.
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          I agree also on the leading out, however K10 out of position is in my case just a clear fold in a cash game. I'd rather play 76s in any position, than any of the higher dominated hands.
          plus 2 pair is never the nuts :P not even HU. (tho its super strong)



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