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k10 clubs in small blind

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  • k10 clubs in small blind

    Just wondering if anyone else would fold preflop. Should I be worried about him having a better kicker or is it ok that I called on the turn?
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    Action preflop is highly player dependant. I call, fold, and 3bet in this spot, and it always depends on the players at the table. It would help if you included reads with your hands, because they're part of the thought process of a successful player.

    Yes you should be worried, but I don't think there's much wrong with calling at least one street. I do think it looks a bit gross given that the guy just checked the flop, basically saying that he was done with the hand, then threw in a cbet when 97% of his range (made up number) connected with the turn. I think it's safe to say that you're usually behind here, so I don't hate a fold, but I don't hate a call either. I have calling station tendencies, though.


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      My .02 I think it's a fold pre (w/ no player reads) with a raise and a call behind. As Dave says over and over in live training " your paying for the privilage to play a bloated pot out of position with a speculative hand" most commonly not a good thing.
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        I imagine that if most players never called OOP, it wouldn't hurt their game.

        I agree with folding preflop, although it is a beautiful squeeze spot against the right people.


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          whether or not to fold preflop would be greatly based on table reads. If I'm in the pot, then I'm definitely calling the turn. Yes, you don't have that great of a kicker, but players in position can easily bluff at it (which the opp did with AJ).

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            Ok thanks. Sorry in my posted hands I dont explain my thought process and what reads I have on the players its hard for me to explain things like that in words because theres like a million things that run through my mind during the hands I play. Thats why some of you guys really impress my with the way you post your hands. I usually understand mostly what you all are talking about but dont know how to explain like you guys do. Ill try to work on that. Anyways thanksumbup:
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