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10j off on the button .05/.10 6max

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  • 10j off on the button .05/.10 6max

    Just wondering if I should have folded on the turn or river. I won the pot but I think I played this bad because he could have beat me with alot of hands. It just felt wierd that he bet so fast on the turn after he just called on the flop.
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    The guy probably thought you were weak from your half-pot c-bet and thought he could represent the king. A lot of people in your shoes would have folded the jack there, so I'm guessing he was bluffing the turn, but it's hard to tell. He played it weird.

    I think your preflop call with JTo is too optimistic, and that's definitely the most significant action that you take whereto you'll be able to trace most of your postflop problems. When calling on the button with JTo, I think you need to completely outclass your table to make it profitable, because it's hard to play JTo as a draw (it's not even suited) and it's hard to play it for value (it will often be dominated). Even on the button, you should probably tighten your calling range. You could 3bet JTo, but that's a different issue completely.

    On the flop, I like your bet sizing because it encourages middle pair, bottom pair, two overcards, etc. to call. There are no draws on the board, so you're either way ahead or way behind. There's no real need to bloat the pot before you know where you stand.

    On the turn, you're in a pretty tricky spot. It's partially tricky because your poor preflop hand structure inevitably came back to bite you, but it's also tricky because the villain is sort of spazzing on you with an atypical bluff. I'd usually fold to the turn bet, but I don't really know what the best play is without a read. Against passive players, I'd easily find a fold, but against more aggressive or bluffy players, I might call down. I think it's a confusing spot if you're new to the table or haven't been paying much attention.


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      Ya, just want to reiterate, if you could in future give any and all villian reads you might have, that would help tremendously for analyzing of your hand ie. playing tendencies of your villain and you, how long you been at the table with a villain, and really anything you noticed prior to the hand to be analyzed. otherwise the responses you will get it will be very generic in nature
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