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It worked out this time, But.....

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  • It worked out this time, But.....

    ****Just posted this in the General Forum, then found this, sorry for the duplicate.*** Hey all. This is the first time I've posted anything in here, so If I'm in the wrong spot or something, just let me know. Anyway, I just finished a $3.50 fifty fifty and the final hand was an interesting call for me. Just wondering on other people's thought's on my play in this hand. As it turned out, it worked out for me, but do you think it's a profitable play in the long run? Thanks in Advance. Here it is:

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    as a big stack with 6 left in a 50-50, it's an AUTOMATIC call. I'm calling that with absolutely ATC, even 27 off.
    The goal is to get one of them out, so you can cash. The more people in the hand against a short stack (or 2 short stacks in this case), the better the chance they do not win the hand. Even if you don't win the hand.. the object is to get rid of one of them.. any of them. Also, worst case is that they split the pot (highly unlikely), then you still have 5k chips against 3 very short stacks.. and only need 1 to be out, to win.

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      50/50 events...

      Yeah, you can call this here, simply because on the bubble you will still be the 2nd stack if you LOSE, and an almost lock for a cash.

      If losing put you into the bottom 2 or 3 though, you should be folding this every time.

      I also would not call this JUST to knock out 1 or 2 people, even if the chip loss only puts me on 2nd stack, UNLESS it got me ITM.

      In a 50/50, once you've gotten chips you really kind of want to "coast" a little bit on those chips. You do not want to deplete them in sheriff moves that will not put you ITM because someone WILL get hurt in the hand even if you do not get involved, so why add risk to your stack to the mix unless it might put you ITM?

      Not saying you'd fold hands like AA/KK (or even QQ/JJ or TT maybe versus looser ranges) versus all in's short of ITM which would put you on 2nd stack with a loss, but 77 is a hand that is rarely more than very margainlly ahead, and has a good chance of being far behind versus any all in.
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        Thanks guys.



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