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Bluff rep with a 66 hand

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  • Bluff rep with a 66 hand

    Ok here it goes: I had a button and saw 66 as my hole cards. The table i was sitting at was full of sitting out players. My table image was quite tight as always. I raised it on the button and got called by 3 guys. FLOP: The flop comes 2 4 5 all spades. The table checked around to me, and i fired 800 chips into pot of total 920 chips. I was thinking this way: If anyone had a spade, he probably woulndnt've checked, because the board was quite wet for straigths and flushes. So beside the flush the only hand beating me is a straight (excluding possible sets and overpairs) But no one was active so it was sure nobody has anything like that. I only got called by that 911monkeyboy guy, but he was a total calling station so i felt safe. TURN: The turn card was a seven of diamonds. It gave me the gutshot draw so i decided to represent a bluff. And i pushed an All-in right there for a little bit more than 3k. He calls me with Ace high and and a 6 for a gutshot. I had a good read on him and doubled up sucessfully. River was a 6 of diamonds, which changed nothing except that i finished the hand with a set. Did i do a stupid risky move, or was my aggression on place? Regards HohnerBoy

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    I disagree with your thinking on the flop. Anyone with a small/mid spade would check and try to get a free card to complete the flush. A high spade may bet, but not a mid to smaller spade.

    Pushing the turn with an overcard on the board against a calling station is a VERY risky proposition. They could easily have a 7 or a straight.
    I wouldn't have taken your push as a bluff at all... what you did reps an overpair.

    After the flop, your opp had 9 outs to the flush and 2 more to the A, for 11 outs... putting him at about a win % of 44%. If you had a pair other than 6's that didn't hit a set on the flop... you would have been behind because he'd have had 4 more outs to win (that would have chopped due to your 66).

    Bottom line: you got a little lucky on it, but the best hand when the chips went in did hold.

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      About my flop thinking. I said it wrong. I meant 2 spades. My bad.

      When the 7 came - which hand could he possibly have? A 7, and called a pot sized bet with an inside straight draw?



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        he had about what I'd have expected.. 1 spade and wanted to draw to it. But, if the player was loose, they could easily have A 7.. or anyone calling could have 78s, 67s, etc.

        He did NOT call your bet due to the inside straight draw. He called due to the flush draw that he had and the overcard.

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