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First hand heads up

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  • First hand heads up

    It went like this: It was a heads-up tournament for play money. The first hand dealt to me was 69o and i was on a BB. The opponent calls the BB and i check. FLOP: The flop comes 4 6 9 which gives me 2 pair. I was off the position, so i decided to check and maybe try to trap my opponent because i am not too scared of giving him a free card, because there is no hand which could improve much here, except maybe 78 but he wasnt folding that anyway. I check. He leads out with 120 chips. I expected that, and he did it really fast without any thinking, so i decided to make a very quick check raise to 500, trying to convice him that its a bluff, or that i am a maniac with an Ace hand like AK AQ or something similar. After my overbet, he thinks a bit and moves all-in. I was not able to put him on a hand here, i was guessing like 10 9, 8 9 or A4. I was sure he thinks that i am trying to bluff him here and it was a play money tournament so he must be playing very loose. I call him and i see he has 45o. umbup: His only out was a 4, or 2 runner cards for a straight or a club flush. As the 9 comes on the turn he was drawing completely dead. Do you thing i acted right? Or should i lead out on the flop in a case like that, which would mean i was only lucky he had the bottom pair and playing loose? Regards HohnerBoy
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    no problem with the check-raise on the flop. The only hand I'd have been worried about would really be a set of 4's... but if they had it, they should have raised preflop.

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