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flopping a straigth on a draw heavy board

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  • flopping a straigth on a draw heavy board

    hello guys, Thanks for answering all the questions and having such an awesome site.umbup: I love daniel negreanu his playing style, I try to adapt alot of it. On the button I have been dealt 8 9o, and nobody has entered the pot yet. I decide to raise it. The flop comes 5c 6c 7s. My opponent (whom also likes to play suited connectors) called from the BB. He checks to me and as always I bet he calls. the next card is more or less a blank, the 2 of spades. Again he checks, I was thinking the right amount to bet would be about 60%. Now he reraises me, however I still have the nuts and wondering what he could have. My guess was either two pair/trips or a straigth/flush draw. He raised to $21 (about pot sized). I was a bit worried about it and reraised it to $48. He folded. My question is should I instead have called a hand like this and risk the chance of being outdrawn? Thanks in advance, Sander Brouwer

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    nope...your raise to $48 is exactly what you should do in that spot....

    Fact is, it is a matter of qinning a "big pot" versus a "small pot".

    When you make your lead on the flop with the nut hand, the MOST you are facing is a draw.

    On the flop the pot on the flop is relatively "small" do NOT want to ensure you fold out hands that are drawing agaisnt you because that loses you value from your nut hand. You also do not want to bet "large" becuase even when the Villain does make a "mistake" and call without odds, that opens you to potential scare card "bluffs", or losses when he simply catches lucky on the turn.

    Of course, you do not want to give a "free card" here either, because that lays infinate pot odds for any draw which might beat you to keep going...

    So you got jsut what you "wanted"...a bet you made that did not put ou at extreme 'risk" if a 3rd club hits the turn gets called, adding value to the pot for you...

    Now the turn comes...

    It is a blank for all intents and purposes, since it cannot make any draw "better" than your still nut hand. since he check/called your flop bet, you can be pretty certain he "likes" this flop enough to put something in again. How BIG your second bullet "should" be is largely based on your 'read" of his playing patterns.

    Since you do not supply those, I cannot really comment on the 60% sizing decision, but I know that if I am palying, and I lack reads, in a similar situation my turn bet will often be between slightly under half pot, and slightly over. That is usually a good sizing designed to get a call from strong draws, but deny them odds, and get weak draws that may jsut catch wildly lucky against me, to fold.


    In YOUR circumstance though, your 60% bet induced a check/raise...

    In that spot, high five your screen, and yell out "woo hoo!"

    The worst you are facing is the wrong side of a "free roll" (if villain holds exactly 89c), and with only 1 to come that means you have about an 81% chance to chop.

    Versus "just" a flush draw you hold an 81% win chance, and versus a set you have a about 81% chance to win too.

    By check/raising, the illain has built the pot to where it is no longer "small" at all, and is perfectly ok sized for you to take down right now. That means you raising to $48 (a least) is exactly what you should do. If he be it; you've gotten good value already by him C/R'ing you. If he jams, GREAT...8 times in 10 you are going to win.

    In no case do you want to FLAT his C/R though, and give him the right "price" to draw out on you (in this case being a price he is willing to pay)...if the pot were "tiny" still, then yeah do that. But it wasn't tiny any longer...give him a chance to lose a lot more chasing his draw if he wants to...

    Good job.
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