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Calling station got lucky

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  • Calling station got lucky

    Pokerschool skill league Ok here it goes....A4 on the BB, i just check, because my hand is nothing special and there was also a limper which could easily call me, the second villain was a calling station so i didnt want to risk my stack for a steal. FLOP: The flop comes 3 A Q -rainbow. I am thinking like this: Doubtfully the limper has an Ace, because i saw him raising a lot with worse hands, so i just dont think he could have anything stronger than i have (My kicker was the only thing worrying me). The calling station played around 75% of the hands dealt so i wasnt scared of his hand at all. I bet 110 chips into 210 pot, trying to shut it down right there. The limper folds, the cs on the button calls. TURN: The turn card is 10s. I decided not to be worried about that cards even though it completes the gutshot draw. I bet 220, because my opponent probably thought i just made a c-bet on the flop and a steal even though i had a VERY tight table image. He calls again. RIVER: The turn card is a Jack of clubs. That was a scare card for me, maybe even for my opponent. I was out of position so i just check. The opponent fires 298 chips. He was firing previously in the game a lot, mostly with just air. I put him on either KQ or complete air. I decided to call no matter if he has the damn straight or not. SHOWDOWN: He had K4o. That means that he called 2 barrels with complete air, wasting his chips and then getting totaly lucky... What should i do different versus this type of player next time? Was my play too aggressive? Thank you for your time. Regards HohnerBoy P.S.: Sorry for my bad grammar.
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    First thing... make a note on them about being a calling station.

    There isn't much you can do about someone playing like that except.... only bet if you're absolutely sure you have the best hand. If you may or may not have the best hand, then either check or make a very small bet (because you know they will call it). That will at least give you control of the pot size. Then, when you're sure after all 5 cards, that you do have the best hand, make them double you. The best thing you can do against a calling station is to limit the size of the pot, until you know after all 5 cards that you have the best hand.

    There were alot of combos on that board that could beat you, so you're probably better off checking the turn/river. I would be sure to bet the flop with top pair, but only an amount similar to what you did bet.

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      So i actually played it right?
      Thank you for telling that info about making a note.



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        I'd have checked the river.. probably the turn too.

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