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Loose call burned me

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  • Loose call burned me

    The hand tells everything....

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    You;ve done nothing wrong here...

    This is quite well palyed actually.


    AQo means you have a decently strong hand, but not one that is mega great for multi-way action.
    normally I'd say raise a hand such as this, not limp the SB, but with the sheer NUMBER of limprs, the chances go way up that a raise is NOT going to give you the limited pot you want anyway. So I really like checking along as a "pot control" measure since your stack can "afford" a 1 pair hit lead bet, then fold...


    You spike top/top, and the pot is 1500+.
    You lead strong, for 1k.
    I really like that too...

    Your stack can "afford" to fold that amount if someone jams a good bit over you...
    It makes it LESS likely that the "schooling effect" will be triggered because it is not cheap, much like a half pot bet might have done (schooling effect is where an early acting illain calls w/o good odds, thus laying the right odds for LATER villains to call along)...
    It is not such a LARGE BET as to "stick" you to the pot hard...

    I think your flop play was impeccable.


    Some jamoke calls, leaivng himself 230 or so behind? WTF.
    That is a no brainer for you...

    With over 3k in the pot, no matter what comes on the turn you really gotta put the shortie all in.
    You do that...

    After that point, it is all down to luck.


    You didn;t do a thing "wrong" here, I do not understand why you;d post this, unless it is to aks what you might have done differently. the answer to that is simple: NOTHING.

    If you knew that you should be doing nothing differently, then this really should go into the bad beat section.
    Double Bracelet Winner


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      I agree. I like the way you played it.

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Guys thank you both. I am honoured to hear that i am advancing with my skill. Thank you.



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          based on your reply, I am of a mind you posted this just "to be sure" you did not make any mistakes...

          that is a perfectly valid reason to post what otherwise might be "just a bad beat" be sure others agree it isn;t you "donking around" in someway...

          don;t worry here though, you did not donk yourself into this one.
          Double Bracelet Winner



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