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JJ well played or just lucky?

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  • JJ well played or just lucky?

    Bearing in mind that no one had QQ, KK and AA I had the best chance to win there, so i raise to 750 which was about 15% of my chips to see the reactions from other players. Than comes a limp and a 3-bet all-in. I make the mass 4-bet to make the limper fold (if he had QQ or better he would have raised before). The guy that went all-in obviously made a loose call. I suspected he had an A and another card so I had to take the risk considering 1500 chips was 30% of my stack.
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    Considering that jacks are middle pair and not a monster that play was too "rushy", except if u knew that villain has a high aggression factor. That would explain that he probably doesnt have a monster hand, just marginal. You were lucky, but i think its not worth risking that much on just hooks preflop. It depends on knowing your opponents play.
    Im not an expert, this are just my thoughts, pros will tell u more.

    Regards, Hohnerboy.


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      This was a BIG "over play" of JJ...

      Whenever you think you hold the "best" hand, your thoughts should be to bet an amount which DENIES the opponents a price to draw at you (you do not want them to have +ev for a call), but which INVITES a call (you do want to get PAID for your better hand).

      When you raise to 750 with blinds at 15/30, what you are essentially doing is allowing your opponents to perfomr the RIGHT ACTION agaisnt you...

      Either they do not have a very goo hand, and FOLD (thus costing you value)
      They hold a hand with good equity against you, and they CALL or RAISE (thus meaning you've put a ton more chips "at risk" than you had to).

      If this were a ring game, and you were seated at a table where you had reads telling you someone would call (or re-raise) on a "race" hand like AQ/AK/KQ, or on a WORSE HAND like 99/TT, as well as better hands like AA/KK/QQ, then a case COULD (possibly, but barely) be made for raising as you did here. The reason it could be made is that your raise will get someone all in pretty quickly, and if they hold a racing hand or worse, you are "ahead". If you LOSE, so re-load and get 'em next time. This is RISKY, but versus very BAD players there are reasons...

      But this is an MTT situation...

      MTT play is about chip accumulation, but it is ALSO about chip preservation. As such, you really want to be AVOIDING deep stack all-in's, and even an all in with an effective stack of 1500 represents a 50BB stack...that is pretty deep.

      By betting so large, you are either folding out worse hands, or getting calls by race hands with a lot more of your chips in than need to be there.

      This means what do you do if an A/K/Q comes on the flop, and a villain jams the rest of his 1500 into the pot in front of you? Fold off a lot more than you HAD TO, or call and likely lose more than you must?

      If a 1500 chip stack jams into you, do you REALLY want to be playing (at best) a 5 card race for almost 1/3rd your stack?

      So overall, not a very good raise by you at all, and it is one that if you continue to do it over and oer, will cause your early exit from MTTs a lot more often than it gets you chips to run deep.
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        JDean sorry for asking but do you think that my post on this had was on place?


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          Originally posted by HohnerBoy View Post
          JDean sorry for asking but do you think that my post on this had was on place?

          i think you are spot on in your points.
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