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An exercise in Hand reading

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  • An exercise in Hand reading

    Hi all, Situation is this: NL 0.05/0.1 Deepstack table with 0.02 ante 2nd hand of table, no histories no reads In middle position with 77, raise to 3x player to left calls as does SB. Flop gives top set but also puts a straight with a flush draw on board. SB checks I raise 75% of pot player to left calls SB folds. Turn brings a 4th card to the straight and a second flush draw. I lead out with a 75% bet again. player on left re-raises about 2.7x my raise. So the question is at this point what is the likely range we could put him on and what should be the appropriate action? Secondly was leading on the turn the right move or should it have been a check? Personally the range I'm thinking of for him is the following: 23, 33, 34, 45, 55, 56, 57, 78, 88, 89, Ad4d or Ad7d Does that range seem at all close? have I left out a lot he could have? the only other thing I'm thinking is other diamond combo's for the flush draw. Thanks

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    The turn has four cards to a straight an two flush draws. Virtually everything you're ahead of still has big equity. You're behind a great deal, and cannot stand a bluff raise. Check/fold the turn unless you're getting great odds to hit a boat. In a multiway pot on that kind of flop, you could also just check/call the flop, but that decision is a bit closer.


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      I agree with Panicky that I'd probably check the turn.

      Others that are well within his range are A3h, A8h, maybe even 8 10h. I wouldn't put them on diamonds at all... they'd have dropped on the flop unless they fit the other numbers you already have. Bluff with missed heart draw (especially if they have a 6) could be an outside chance... but would really rule that out due to only min raise.

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        Checking the turn is the most safe idea here. Why put your chips in a risk, if the opponent called your c-bet. If he doesnt have Ace high he obviously has something from the board...and a set is surely not a monster here.



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          how do you add those vids?
          anyway you flop a set and bet it which is good play on the flop, the turn is a super scare card, however it does not automatically mean you are beaten if he reraises you. sometimes I do the same thing with merely an overpair if I sense some kind of weakness from my opponent.
          I would have checked the turn and await his bet, since his raise was not all that large and with implied odds it might be a good call even in the situation it played out for you, to hit a full house and win all of his chips.
          hope this helped you.



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