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AK 1st hand 6 Max

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  • AK 1st hand 6 Max

    Hello , This is the 1st hand I was dealt at 6 max table today , my query is should I be playing this type of hand with less of a raise on the flop ? I was keen to continue in the hand , however now I see it again I could have reraised preflop for value clearly . Your feedback will be appreciated . Thankyou .
    Last edited by JARGON1977; Mon Aug 01, 2011, 05:02 PM.

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    Can you give some reads on BTN? And what's your table image? Without that info it's quite difficult to analyze this hand. It's seems making it .55 pre is standart though.


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      This was the first hand I was dealt at the table , being dealt in on the BB .


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        I'd probably play it the same post-flop, but raising to a little less, the board is dry and a min-raise will make some A rags stay in.

        Against a random at these stakes I would always 3-bet AK though. Can I ask why haven't you bought in for the maximum?


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          Good question , I was up & down all last month at 'full ring table micro stake' just finishing the month slightly above my bankroll at the start of the month . I was just going to see how it went for me at 6 Max , wether I feel comfortable playing more hands etc .


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            Only because of the effective stack size (40bb), you should probably be 3betting for value preflop, although calling is not all that bad. At a 250bb deep table though, you really have to be careful with your value ranges preflop, because if you're full stacked, your value range should not include AK. Unless you're up against someone who doesn't have a clue, playing AK as a drawing hand is fine.

            I think calling the flop bet and donking the turn would actually be my favourite play here. That's because nobody is going to put you on AK, so you will be able to get weaker aces to call. If you donk the flop though, you could lose the c-bet bluff, and if you checkraise the flop, I think you're repping a little too much strength, so you'll get called my more better hands than worse ones.

            Not badly played imo, it's just a complicated matter of value extraction.


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              Hi Jargon,

              I think you should definitely reraise for value preflop given your short stacksize. In this scenario your max. EV will be getting your money in heads-up preflop against a dominated hand or even making hands fold against which you run close in equity. Button opens will usually be made with wide ranges in 6-max cash, and the call from the SB will be no strong hand often either.

              Its probably ok to c/r flop here, but it may cost you some value from worse hands or potential bluffs of wide button ranges that will fold to your c/r very often.

              Speaking of value I would also make sure to start every hand with 100bb stacks. Everything below that may cost you a lot of value just as well.

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