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Live hand from today

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  • Live hand from today


    top 5 cash, I'm probably 5th or so chip stack with 11 left (I figured one more double and I was golden to be ITM). There are 5 left at my table and most hands are being taken down preflop, without any super-short stacks. I'm 2nd stack at the table and on button... and only had an M of about 5.
    The SB was the shortest stack at the table and I have no reads on them, as they were moved from the other table due to a double KO I had the previous time around (pkt paint that flopped a set). The BB was playing probably about 20% of pots (had 1 monster and had also shown a few very marginal hands).

    I was playing tight, but aggressive (only one at the table that wasn't limping like crazy to open pots). Also, other than one hand (bb where short stack pushed and it cost me less than 1BB to call)... the worst starter that I was at showdown with was AQs (rest were all pkts, 9 or above, or AKs). Even the cheap one was A8 suited... and I was well priced in to see that one. I had only seen probably 8-10% flops, because the first 90 min, I was getting horrid, horrid cards.

    I had the SB well, well covered (M of about 1). The BB had 2k chips less than me and the blinds were 600/1200 and going up to 800/1600 in a couple min.... with no antes.

    Cards to me on button: JJ

    What would you do when it's folded to you on the button?

    P.S. I'll reply back with what happened, tomorrow.

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    on the button with am M of 5? standard shove


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      Use the clock then ship it imo


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        SNAP SHOVE with out question.SB is at risk and will need to take a stand with ATC if he thinks you are stealing light, but with your showdowns earlier he probably folds here. BB isn't going to risk tourney life without a big hand IMO.My guess is that SB defends with A rag and hits the A but you river a J

        SEE live is rigged just like online


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          The guys in the blinds are short enough they could well call you lighter than your JJ being this far from ITM and needing chips.

          Not only that, with an M of 5, just the blinds and antes are a 20% chip up for you; that is plenty to be happy about picking up.

          Limping is ok, but only if you are pretty sure one of the blinds is aggro enough to jam pre over your hand, otherwise the "risk" of an over card and a possible stop n go shove by a blind is a bit too much for you to "like" being that "tricky". This really doesn;t appear to be your read though...

          So all in all; open jam on the BTN, and "accept" picking up just the blinds/ant4es and your 20% chip up.
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            If you've been playing TAG, then limping your BU might set off alarms with the other two, and by the sounds of things, the BB wasn't completely desperate enough to ignore something like that. I agree that this is a pretty standard shove, but if you can work some kind of level in order to get the BB's chips, I'd say do it.

            For example (and this is definitely just a random idea that might not work in this particular spot), you could deliberately count out the SB's chips, make a big enough raise to only put him all-in, and the BB might take that as a sign that you're fine getting it in with the SB but would fold if reraised, so he might reship on you with a wide range. This is a fun tactic to use against thinking players, typically when stacks are deep enough that you could consider legitimately raise/folding and they know that. It could easily be wrong for these player types, but I don't think you need to restrict yourself to always shoving here without giving it any extra thought.


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              That makes me feel a whole lot better!

              I did shove. The SB actually folded (which surprised me since was blinded in next time they were in the SB) and the BB called.... ran into pkt cowboys.

              I then pushed from UTG with Q 10 hearts two hands later (was basically either that or the BB hand or SB hand and figured I could do a ton worse than a suited broadway 1-gap)... got unlucky running into AQ.

              That tourney was something I'd never seen before. With 11 left, as high as the blinds were, the chip leader only had an M of about 7 and basically everyone was a short stack. Normally, someone's on a big stack and there are a couple mid-stacks. It paid 1/table and the min payout was over triple your entry. Stinks bubbling the FT (could have folded the Q 10 and got there but would have been crippled with less than a SB and in the SB). Oh well.... one more shot at the same tourney type today (same chip starting amount and buy-in, but different casino).

              Panicky, your thought process on the SB raise was good for me to see too. I did that the round before from CO with the same people in the blinds (kinda light too that they both folded to). Figured that would be a good way to change things up for a round and let the table see something different.

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                Sounds like a stressful tourney. Too bad it didn't go so well, but it sounds like you have an edge over the field, which is always nice.


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                  I'd heard that about some of the brick and mortar sit-n-go's ... that the blinds/ante structure rises so fast, they're almost like hyper-turbos. I've never played at a real table before. Good luck at the tables today JWK! umbup:


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                    don't know what my deal is with KK.... but.... was hoping to have a hand to post on here from today's tourney, but was really cut and dry and really unlucky.

                    I played 3 hands (folded the crappy rest). Had JJ, got 2 overs on the flop and one opp of the 3 that were in pushed... muck. Then a few hands later, got AA and did the std table raise +2BB (with 3 limpers before me)... all mucked. Then a few hands later got QQ. 3 rainbow unders with no straights. Opp made a 1/2 pot bet, I raised, he pushed, I called... he had KK.

                    Two tourneys and had JJ and QQ go down to cowboys.... guess that one's the UNluck of the draw.

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                      I'm sure things will pick up. Bad luck is very unlikely to last forever.



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