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2-7 SD MTT, hit #3 post draw how to extract max value?

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  • 2-7 SD MTT, hit #3 post draw how to extract max value?

    Single Draw 2-7 Lowball No Limit - Level VIII (100/200)
    Table '417733906 21' 7-max Seat #7 is the button

    Seat 1: PaidInFull6 (10650 in chips): I have a TAG image at this table only raising predraw with pat hands and smooth 1 card draws to 8 or 7 lows. Postdraw I have only led with smooth 9 low's and better and have check called with weaker 9 and 10 lows. I've won at showdown about 85% of the time, and have pulled off a few complete air ball bluffs, so I think my opponents are giving me plenty of credit.

    Seat 2: oscher1 (6790 in chips) is sitting out

    Seat 3: ikusitaik416 (9665 in chips): Fairly new to the table, my first impression is he is LAG. Predraw I have observed him raise twice out of 8 hands played, once he drew 1 card C-bet full pot and one without showdown. Second hand he raised from the button, was called by seat 5 who drew 1 and this player drew 2, post draw he was checked to and fired another full pot C-bet but he was called and lost at showdown to a 87542, he had 97543. When he limps predraw i think he is usually on a very marginal 1 card draw or has 3 cards to an 8 or 7 low.

    Seat 4: Flapaul60 (7745 in chips):LAG, been on this table since the start of the tournament. Has raised every 1 card draw and pat 10 low+ religiously. Limps predraw with 2 card draws to 9 low and better. Post draw will shut down unless he makes 9 low or better in which case he will bet usually about 2/3's of pot, will call raises post draw with just about his whole range he bets with. Will reraise postdraw with 8 low's and better.

    Seat 5: Genstone (10790 in chips) TAG, this player is one I've had the most trouble with. He plays a solid game not making many mistakes. Predraw he will open raise with most smooth 1 card draws and all pat 10,8+ lows. Also has a passive gear where he will limp 2 card draws to the nuts figuring he can outplay or make better decisions than his opponents postdraw. He will check/call most 9 low's as well as 87lows and will take the lead with 86 low+ after the draw. Only reraise smooth 8's+ postdraw.

    Seat 6: suds & salt (10355 in chips) is sitting out

    Seat 7: dunk8442 (11580 in chips):Loose and Passive, also a pretty bad calling station. I had this guy drawing 2 cards for his tourney life vs my pat 96532, which he miraculously caught a 87 low, so he is lucky to still be here. I've seen him limp as loose as 3 card draws and call post draw as loose as J8 low. He goes to showdown to often and losses a ton at showdown. He doesn't bet very often prefers to call/check rather than bet or raise. He pays me off when I hit so I enjoy playing with him.

    PaidInFull6: posts the ante 50
    oscher1: posts the ante 50
    ikusitaik416: posts the ante 50
    Flapaul60: posts the ante 50
    Genstone: posts the ante 50
    suds & salt: posts the ante 50
    dunk8442: posts the ante 50
    PaidInFull6: posts small blind 100
    oscher1: posts big blind 200

    *** DEALING HANDS ***
    Dealt to PaidInFull6 [Qs 6d 2s 5h As]
    ikusitaik416: calls 200
    Flapaul60: calls 200
    Genstone: calls 200
    suds & salt: folds
    dunk8442: calls 200
    PaidInFull6: calls 100:I have a 652, 3 to a 7 low getting 1450:100 pot odds, cant pass up these odds so I call. My plan here is to only continue when I catch a strong draw, check call most 9 lows, check and fold to a bet if I make a 10 low. Lead out if I make an 8 low reevaluate if I get raised, and mix leading and check raising if I make a 7 low while trying to get max value if I do catch a perfect draw.
    oscher1: folds
    PaidInFull6: discards 2 cards [Qs As]
    Dealt to PaidInFull6 [6d 2s 5h] [7c 3h]:So after discarding 2 cards I catch absolutely perfect draw and make the 3rd nuts. Now Im thinking how to maximize value.
    ikusitaik416: discards 2 cards
    Flapaul60: discards 2 cards
    Genstone: discards 2 cards
    dunk8442: discards 3 cards

    So you make #3 your first to act, bet or check raise? If you lead how large is your bet?

  • #2
    Lead immediately.

    Your draw has made you a hand which you can immediately expect is best.
    The number of cards drawn by each villain does not argue strongly for ANY of them hitting much at all that would bet, but with the multi-way pot, there is a strong chance one of them would have caught enough to call. Afterall, unlike HE or Stud variants, this is the ONLY chance your villains will have to catch, so either they did or didn;t...that makes slow palys much LESS "effective" when all "draw hope" for the villains is gone so quickly.


    If you cannot be certain someone caught enough to bet FOR YOU, then you are best sered leading...

    If they all bricked, so be it.

    At least you tried.
    Double Bracelet Winner


    • #3
      I did check, figured if someone hit big enough to call me they would probably bet themselves, could be even more +EV if I can get them to call a check raise?

      This turned out to be an action draw.

      PaidInFull6: checks
      ikusitaik416: bets 1600
      Flapaul60: folds
      Genstone: raises 8940 to 10540 and is all-in
      dunk8442: folds

      Things got tricky here after the other TAG player shoves over a pot size bet. Considering my read call as planned?


      • #4
        Yeah...I'd call.

        Fact is with all of them drawign at least 2, the chance is the raiser may just have somethig like an 8, and thinks the first bettor is trying to take it down with a 9 or T.

        Your hand is probably too strong to release here, even though it is painful if you are cooler'ed.
        Double Bracelet Winner


        • #5
          I'd absolutely call with it. They probably made 8-10 high, like JD said... and if they have the nuts or 2nd nuts, with them drawing 2, I'll take my chances.

          6 Time Bracelet Winner



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