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[B]Sucessfull play...or just being lucky?[/B]

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  • [B]Sucessfull play...or just being lucky?[/B]

    Hello. I won this pot and doubled up sucessfully. But was i only lucky because he mad a loose call with an overpair or was my aggresion on place? Thank you for your time
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    no data shown
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      Data repaired.


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        Originally posted by JDean View Post
        no data shown

        Data was repaired, could you analyze the hand please?


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          I really don't like the min-3bet preflop, and I'll explain why in a second. But postflop, there's not a whole lot you can do wrong with that kind of hand besides folding or slowplaying so much that you don't get the other guy's whole stack.

          When you 3bet preflop, there are two big questions that you should ask yourself first.

          1) How will the villain respond to a 3bet?

          2) How will I respond to a 4bet?

          If you think that the answer to question 1 is, 'he'll call or raise with worse hands than mine', then go ahead and raise, and the answer to question 2 should be obvious.

          If you think that the answer to question 1 is, 'he'll call or raise with better, and generally fold worse', then you need to start thinking about whether your hand can stand a 4bet. Can you call if he shoves all-in? On these stack sizes, I don't think the answer should be an automatic yes. In fact, I would really hate my hand if I got 4bet, and that's a serious arguement to not 3bet in the first place, but rather to call and play a pot post-flop.

          Now, the second reason I dislike the preflop raise is because it sets you up to play a pot that's three times the size of your stacks if you get called (which you were). Most of the time, there will be an overcard to your jacks on the flop. Can you get all-in against someone if there's an overcard, and it's for three times the pot? Again, I think that's not an automatic yes.

          So, I basically think that you got lucky that 1) you didn't get 4bet preflop and that 2) you outflopped the better hand on a board that was not particularly scary to KK. You didn't play horribly, but I do think that you should think more about your reraises before you make them. Will they be profitable? Will the pot size be good for your hand if you just get called? What will you do if you get reraised? All of these are good questions to ask yourself before you do it.
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            Realistically, the pre flop actions here are all about your reads of the range your opponent will open raise.

            I agree with what Panicky said on those points.

            JJ MIGHT be strong enough to do what you did here, but it might not; the only way to know if it is would be to know what you saw your opponent raise with in the past. JJ is a group 1 hand though, so agaisnt a lot of loose players, then a 3Bet raise is fine on the button. Personally, if I am going to 3Bet, I prefer it to be a little bit larger than teh amount you've chosen, but there are benefits to raisign what you did raise, so this is largely a stylistic choice, and is dependant upion what your later "plans" might be for the hand.

            You flop well for your hand, middle set, but there is a posible straight on the board as well as a possible flush draw.
            I really like your raise over the weak donk bet by the original raiser.
            chances are if he is reasonably tight he has connected someway with this flop if he is going to bet it at all, and T9 is pretty "weak" to be calling your 3bet pre on UTG, you probably have the best hand right now. Good job.

            When he simply flats your raise, he probably does NOT have QQ (the most "likely" hand ahead of you now). A hand like that would possibly "fear" a flush or straight draw filling on the turn, and with the amount in the pot it would be well worth re-raising to to take it down right now. that means when the turn comes a "blank" 4 of spades, and when the Villain checks again, you ahve every reason to feel good aobut betting again. i'm jsut not so "sure" about your bet sizing...

            You launch 6400 into the pot of 9075, and put aobut 60% of your remaining chips in thereby.

            That bet pretty much "commits" you for the remainder of your stack because you then have a total of 10.5k or so of your original 14.9k in the pot; what was your "goal" of that bet?

            If it was to make a rampant flush drawer FOLD to "protect" your set; I think you'd have better served putting them all in right there.
            If it was to extract value from a lesser hand, then you probably could have done that easier and with more success if you'd have bet like 4500 to 5k.
            If it was sized because you believe the villain would call that amount on a flush draw with just 1 card to come, then it is perfectly fine.

            The thing is, many calling station types, those who will call off a big portion of a deep stack on drawing type hands or 1 pair hands with weak draws, will tend to only do so when they have 2 streets to hit their "hope". Your flop bet size was right around half pot...and that is fine, but that was the street to extract maximum value from draws with the slightly larger than half pot bet. By the turn, all that larger bet is likely to get is called by BETTER hands (or very WEAK players), and cause hands like KQ/AQ to FOLD (if the opponent has good awareness).

            now I will grant that micro stakes games and ree rolls tend to NOT have many players who can let go of a top pair/top kicker hand, so please understand I am NOT saying that your bet was "bad". I simply point out those things so next time you are in that situation, if you ARE facing a "better" type player, you can know the reaosns for bet sizing a committment bet on that turn.

            Hope it helps.
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              well theres no way you can put villain on KK lol hes obviously terrible, nice hand



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