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A method to generate discussion: Let's play "Duplicate Poker"!

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  • A method to generate discussion: Let's play "Duplicate Poker"!

    A method to generate discussion: Let's play "Duplicate Poker"!

    Howdy guys.

    This post is being generated by something I did in a past study group I belonged to on the old PSO.

    For those who do not know, "Duplicate Poker" is a type of poker game that enjoyed very brief and limited popularity about 5 or 6 years ago.

    What it is, is a way to eliminating the effects of "luck" in poker, by "testing" your decision processes by playing exactly the same hands as your "opponents", in the same situations. All the situations will be pre-determined, but unknown to participants. As such, everyone will face EXACTLY the same situations, and only their decisions will "trigger" certain actions by the Villains in the hand. This means how many chips you have at the end will solely be a function of your DECISIONS, since "luck" will be leveled for everyone taking part.

    The one who shows the "most chips" (in terms of pluses and minsues) would have shown the best "decisions". See?

    While this method of playing poker did not catch on, it seemed to be a very EFFECTIVE way of "studying" poker. It really worked in our study group, and everyone loved the challenge of it, so I am wondering if anyone here wants to try it?

    The way it works is this:

    We start to play a "fictional MTT" at hand #1.
    I will create a "fictional table" consisting of 8 Villains, and "you".

    Each Villain will have a certain amount of information you've "observed", and these are the "reads" you'd have before entering any hand.
    You will be told the situation, action ahead and by whom, your hand, the stack sizes, MTT stage, etc...
    EVERY potential action you make will "trigger" a pre-determined re-action by the Villains.
    (Yes, this is complex to do, but not exceedingly so, since betitng 500 when that is 1/3rd pot is pretty close to betting 600...see?)

    All the flops, turn, and river cards will also be pre-determined...some hands will be "guarenteed winners" for you, some will be guarenteed "losers", and some will be winners or losers based upon your betting. The trick is, you will NEVER know which is which...

    When each of us post our "decision" for a given street, the "effect" of that decision will be revealed.
    We continue that for the next streets, until the hand is completed.

    Then compare the results.

    Since the villain reads will tend to be somewhat detailed, and the play styles of those who take part in this discussion will be different, the RANGE of potential reasons for selecting an action should be pretty wide. This is where the "discussion" aspect of this comes in; you will have a chance to compare and contrast your decision with those of others in the forum.

    This does take a lot of work guys, and we could use the "polls" to give everyone a chance to "vote" on the play, to see what the consensus is.
    I know ti really was fun for our group, so we might enjoy it. But it IS a lot of work to set up...

    I'd really like to know that you guys would be interested in trying this before I went to all that work...

    Are you?
    Double Bracelet Winner

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    I think this idea is interesting.


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      sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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        This sounds like a superb learning exercise. umbup: When? Where? How? and How Much? This is something I would definitely like to join.
        3 Time Bracelet Winner


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          I am interested JD with the caveat that I am away most of August and I will have not access to a PC.

          However, come the second week in September, I need to put a lot more time and effort both into playing and learning to try and improve my game and this looks like a perfect opportunity.



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            It isn't anything huge from the stand point of the "play" of hands.

            What will happen is this:

            I will create reads that you have of 8 villains at your table.
            I will then create a flow chart of actions based upon the likely actions those reads would reaosnably have your villains doing in response to YOUR decisions.

            After that, I will simply post the situation in the hand, and ask you guys to decide on what action you would do if you were actually playing the table.

            The "discussion" part comes in the form of each of you explaining WHY you take your actions...

            After a day or 2 (or after the people who have said they are interested in taking part), I will post the "result"...

            We then move on to the next street of betting, or the next "decision" youd have in the hand...

            It would take a couple posts, and maybe 1 week to "finish" a hand, but it should generate an interesting discussion.

            I will start putting together the first hand right now, so expect to see it up in about 2 to 3 hours...
            Double Bracelet Winner


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              Great JD will reply.




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