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QQ down by a bluff A9...probably a bad play?

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  • QQ down by a bluff A9...probably a bad play?

    This was a sit'n'go 0.10$ tournament. I would like to hear what did i do wrong. I guess i was too passive but still post a comment please. A short description of my thinking: Preflop: i just call, because i dont want to get into a hand with AK AA KK AJ AQ and similar, because there is and Ace too often on a board. Flop: I call, just to trap him, the only hand beating me was 9 J so i was pretty sure i have the nuts. Turn: I raise, just in case he is bluffing and i also dont want to let him a cheap river card, because he could be drawing. I was right but this was just stupid... Bad beats are happening so often. In 90% pre-flop all-ins the worse hand wins....lets say i have AA and opponent has 10 3. The board goes A 2 4 5 J or something similar. I guess its the software, because i play live a lot and it just doesnt happen so often...i am being suspicious. Thanks for your answers.

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    I wouldn't push preflop, but I would raise. They min raised to 500, I'd raise to 1500.

    On the flop, they bet, you need to raise here too. There are a number of hands that have draws, so you need to raise... to get people off of marginal hands (like the opp has).

    You're trying to keep players with marginal hands that can easily have draws, in the hand.... those are the ones you would be better off raising and taking the pot right then, instead of letting someone draw out on you. You need to be more aggressive with those hands, instead of playing passively, like you did here.

    In your second example, I'd say that you didn't raise enough preflop, as 10 3 would not stay to a normal raise preflop and after the flop.. unless they had no clue what they were doing.

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      3 bet pre flop next time,



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