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Great Hands #19 - Week 3, Hand 87 -Greenstein vs Cassidy vs Magnus

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  • Great Hands #19 - Week 3, Hand 87 -Greenstein vs Cassidy vs Magnus

    Great Hands #19 - Behind the Poker Face - Week 3, Hand 87 - Greenstein vs Cassidy vs Magnus AcKd vs AdJs vs QcTc

    Watch video here.

    Would you have acted the same way? What would you have done differently? Share your thoughts and feedback via this forum discussion about this hand.

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    granted, I'm without reads... so this could be totally different if I had a read on them.

    Cassidy must have put Barry on a mid pp or suited connector. After the hand, he called Magnus's hand totally correct, but I think he misread Barry preflop. If he put him on an A, then he'd have mucked the lower kicker preflop.
    Magnus's call preflop makes sense, as she's got a suited 1-gap and getting almost 3-1 on her $$.

    I liked her flop bet with 2 pair, as it'll tell her basically, exactly where she's at in the hand. Barry just calling it, screams trip K to me and with his preflop raise, should be AK or KQs.

    I don't, however like her check/call on the turn. She either needs to lead out with a bet, or check and fold to a bet by Barry. Barry's bet of about 1/2 the pot is exactly what I'd expect from a K... build the pot, but not too much as to scare someone off. With 2 pair and an over-pair on the board, no way would I just call his turn bet, as by hitting the 2nd pair, it wouldn't have helped her against a K and she didn't have a straight draw. By just calling it, I'd want at least a striaght draw and 2-pair already.

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