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did not see this coming

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  • did not see this coming

    why is it we sit here for an hour well tonight 45 minuets was down to 400,and finaly got a pair of nines all in hit for trips back in the game,wrong hit this monster
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    why are these guys winning 4 or 5 hands in a row ,im lucky to get one an hour,got gready and went for two,

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    Raise preflop.

    Bad beat, though. Nothing you could do to avoid that, besides folding QQ on the flop, which wouldn't be all that bad as played. Just because they bet small doesn't mean that they're weak. It also doesn't mean that they're strong. You just have to look at your reverse implied odds if you call and are wrong. In this case, if they have even one ace and you call the flop, you're stacking off, which means that your reverse implied odds are too large, unless you're okay going out of the tournament now.

    It's a bad beat though. Not much to analyze.


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      RR pre-flop or fold.

      A 20BB stack requires aggressive action at pots with strong hands, not passive limps. Simply taking down that initial raise, plus the blinds, is worth too much to you for you to like risking an A or K on the flop, or an un-wanted multi-way pot.

      In this case, the villain certainly isn't folding, but in a PSO you MIGHT get away from QQ if he pre flop jams you. In that case you are losing only around 1300, not your entire stack.

      Now riddle me this bat man...

      "Why oh why, in a PSO event, are you calling ANY flop bet with an over card to your QQ out there?"

      "Why oh why are you doing that when you do not have enough confidence in your QQ to 3Bet pre flop?"

      "Why oh why when you do decide to keep putting chips into the pot on what might be just a 2 out draw, and when the villain practically BEGS you to call his flop bet, and after you decided on flatting pre thus keeping the pot small, are you surprised a big turn shove by the villain MIGHT be better than your 2nd set (AA or KT)?"

      This was a cooler certainly, but your decisions and the dis-connects in your thought process may well have made it worse than it had to be...
      Last edited by JDean; Wed Jul 27, 2011, 10:58 AM.
      Double Bracelet Winner


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        IMO calling pre given stack size is pretty bad...........instead 3 bet and get it in or just shove pre lol ive found that in these PSO tournys u will get called a fare bit of the time :P

        and on the flop that is definantly a fold 3 way especially with opener c betting with a player behind u............unlucky



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