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when to fold

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  • when to fold

    i went to get yhe 150 vpps and in the 27 seat $3 tables i realy enjoy,i found im getting to the final table ,but i get into betting on hands and bring my stack down and end up being forced to shove on not so strong hands. this is a league this hand is a little more obvious the straight is there then i bet and have two pair ,now the straight and the flush,am i wrong to go for the Q or 6 or am i chasing the wrong hand, this hand i know i should have folded before the turn but similar hands not so obvious until the river
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    here is a monster that cripples me should i have folded on the flop
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      Hmm the first Q6 hand personally im check folding i think on the flop, just way too much of a draw heavy board to continue with a crummy Q........ there will definantly be better spots...and also i really hate the donk bet on the flop.........

      And the AQ hand should be a fold imo these are SNG's right? yeah you should probably be tightening up more to utg and utg+1 openers, it lessens ur variance over time.........or ur other option is to 3 bet pre hopefully isoing a smaller stack who comes in and fold to openers 4 bet.......................

      if you play SNG quiet a bit i recomend watching videos........



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        but yes good fold with Q6 at top freind best of luck with future games....... oh and here is a site you may like,


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          in the Q6 hand, I'd have checked the flop.... however, if I saw the turn for free and hit 2 pair, no problem with the 60 bet to see where you're at in the hand.

          AQ hand, that needs to be a fold on the flop. With 6 in the hand, someone has a K and you're behind.

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            both of these where same league match,i was trying to find a couple of hands ive been getting into trouble with,seems when ihave made some bad mistakes i tighten up and smarten up,
            i have been going back and doing some of the lessons and videos.

            i have bounced back and played better since these hands,trying to avoind some of these is a better lesson


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              thats good news freind keep it up



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