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JJ raise/call shove.

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  • JJ raise/call shove.

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Last edited by andrei17731; Sun Jul 24, 2011, 10:58 AM.

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    I'm playing a $0.25 dollar buy with 45 players sit n go. In prior hands I've been in similar situations where I raised 2.5bb with 99 and Enjess shoved, and I folded each time. Now I have about 17BB so I raise 2.5bb with JJ and again Enjees shoves. He's pretty tight, I doesn't try to steal the blinds, but every time I'm in a situation like this he seems to have a premium hand and shoves. Against his range (TT+, AQ+) its about a coin flip. Is it okay to call a shove with 17bb or even say 25bb on a coin flip situation?
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      You deleted the data...

      If I ever open JJ with 25bb, it's usually with the intent to excitedly call a shove. If you're opening anything with 17bb and folding to a raise, then other people at the table who are observing you carefully will start shoving bad hands on you when you have that stack size. You'll leave yourself open to being exploited, and people will take advantage of the fact that you fold too much because they'll think you're weak/tight.

      On 17bb, get JJ in all day, even against tight players. If their stats read VPIP:6, PFR:6, 3bet:1 over 100 hands, then you can consider folding. I think it's pretty standard to call shoves with JJ on 17bb though.


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        can't see the hand... but...

        If the opp is pushing that much, then they're probably playing pretty loose and I'd want to take advantage of it. Open raising with JJ, I'd call the other 14 BB to their push with 1 exception. If there is only 1 or 2 more to get to the $$, then I'd either push immediately with it or even possibly fold it.

        If you std raise, then fold to pushes multiple times, then it's going to be a leak that I agree with Panicky on... the opps will start pushing with ATC.

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          If "every time" you open, this villain shoves on you, I think you would be making a mistake to assume his range is as tight as just TT+ or AQs+. Of course since you only tell us of a single other situation (when you raised 99), it may be that you do not have enough info, but when you say "every time" it sort of leads us to believe there was at least 3 occasions...

          If there were 3 occasions or more, it would be pretty unreasonable to think that the same villain has the same tight range when you raise up solid holdings...he is much moe likely to have the "leak" of thinking you will ALWAYS fold when he jams.

          On 17BB, that is plenty enough indication (seen 3 times), and a plenty enough depleted stack, with enough of a hand to go ahead and make your stand.
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            K, thanks for the insight, he turned out to have QQ which was unfortunate.


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              its an obvious call, this is a complete crapshoot and JJ is awsum to get it in :P nothing else really to say haha



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