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spank me for this one lol

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  • spank me for this one lol

    was i correct to do this? i was thinking about going thorugh bubble. didnt range them very well at all. but i really was scared of him having small pair that hit trips.. he was betting 2BB in other hands wherever he had something or not. anyway i know i probably shoudl have shoved since i had just below 11BB but there was about 7-8 ppl to money lol it was PSO and you never really know thats why only limp at the start.. tell me please how should i played it considering it was kinda small bubble there just before 90th place... and i wanted to go through that thanks

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    You played it pretty scaredily (if thats a word lol) In an MTT i would have shoved


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      if there's a bubble coming up, then it needs to be a shove or a fold preflop. If past the bubble, then with basically 10BB left, I'm shoving it.

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        so i thought. and yes i played scared that one after he raised lol... another mistake to my collection :/


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          Way weak play...UBER weak.

          If you want to play JJ for a set mining hand in a bubble spot, fine. that is pretty "expensive" for your stack to do, especially when the an over card will flop almost 60% of the time, but it beats going bust-o if you can ladder climb to much bigger points in league play.

          But when you do flop the over pair, get em in if checked to you and there is only 1 left to act behind you! You just tossed off 10% of your stack for a set mine when you could beat any 1 pair hand on this board AND when taking the pot down woulda been a near double up.

          If making the money is so important to you that you can FOLD JJ in this spot, then you probably shouldn't have played it at all.
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            Incoming Spank !!! Bonus Pie to the face

            You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.


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              very bad desicion, this should just be a shove pre......

              wow i just saw u also checked back the flop very very bad, bet for value, and get it in whats holding you back? beleive just because theres limpers that someone flopped a set? thats bad

              from now just man my freind youl be much better off and its good bubble play
              Last edited by Oku_Ha_FooLs; Mon Jul 25, 2011, 01:10 PM. Reason: mistake



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