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This one will test ya

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  • This one will test ya

    Sorry its not from pokerstars and I do not have the hand history file so its from memory

    Was a freeroll and im already ITM but final table of 10 pays at least $20 whereas 11th paid $12

    My stack was approx 9300 the big blind was 1000 and antes were in play but i forget how much the antes were so let spretend there were no antes please

    This guy was pounding allin very very often and he had about 90 big blinds but the only time he showed his hand he had JJ

    He was on the button im 11th out of 11 remaining remember I was in the big blind oh and we were shorthanded just remembered that and the smal blind was sat out

    Average chipstack was probably about 40000 i dont know if you need that

    Everytime I was in the bigblind he was allin it seemed on refection only 8 tiems out of 10 butstill a lot

    What hands would you call his allin with please ? and why please?

    Atthe moment the hand is fresh in my mind so once someone kindly replies I will tell you the result and my hand in a later post and I am not saying whether I won or lost yet

    I did call his allin 9bb effective but what hand ranges would it ave been the correct call?

    If i have forgotten to give you info you need please ask

    Thank You


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    Already ITM, with only 9BB, I'm calling or pushing first..... whatever circumstance it is... with any pkt pair, suited A, broadway cards (any combo of A thru 10), or suited connectors or even a suited 1-gap (Q 10, J 9, etc). Depending on how loose they were, I'd also push/call with a suited 2-gap (K-10, 10-7, etc).

    You need to start stacking chips and since you're already +$$$, then the chances you need to take open up considerably.

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      With 9BB left I'm calling there with anything that makes 19+ in blackjack...that short theres no point being bashful. Against a guy that loose, I may even stand on 17...


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        cool ty both now I do not feel so bad I had 44 and called his allin he turned over QJo

        unfortuneatly he hit one of his cards the Q I think it was and I was out ...turns out if ihad folded just this hand AKo lost to QQ on the other table and I would have been in 9/9 but sewn up an extra $8 @least

        ok got to ask in blackjack what score is 44? can i double lol(maybe thats an english rule only.where you play 2 hands within one hand :p )
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          44 is pretty much 8...but, look on the bright side, you got it in with the best have to have enough money to double or split, but here you're allin...I'm callin off the 9BB from the BB with that pair...or 33 or 22 or any other pair for that matter.
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            Sometimes people just go on a hot streak I guess - I just played a bunch of hands against the person to my right, and I didn't win one hand against them that went to showdown (3 times I was the favorite going in, 2 times I was behind going in, once I was the favorite and we tied, once somebody else was in the pot and they won, the other 8 times one of us folded (4 times each) - they weren't big pots, which is why the betting was always so small and we both had a piece ).

            And there have been a couple of times I got AA, KK, and JJ all in a row. It sounds great, but nobody called the first two, and I guess somebody only called the 3rd because I looked like I was shoving light

            You just never know I guess until somebody bites the bullet and calls. Yeah, that's too bad the pocket pair didn't hold up - they probably started shoving even more after that


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              @ MSg lol i thought it may be 8 but wasnt sure

              I must admit (because he had been shoving so much) I made a snap call thought I had made the correct call bu tthen after the result of the hand thought oh was it the correct call

              Because I recently watched pokerstove I ran it and it was near enough a coin flip I really wanted a coinflip?

              @trustysam yeah prolly but i didnt hang around to see as it was supper time lol

              I was watching poke r on tv this afternoon and a columbian guy kept getting his money n bad and winning built up a huge stack to only lose the lot in 1 hand when his luck ran out I wa s sat there thinking omg hes surely going to win the whole thing

              @JWK when you said suited connectors did you even mean 23s ? im curious


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                I just went on a mini-heater, and thought of you Rolo, so I shared my hands with everybody at the table so they wouldn't have to wonder

                The hole cards I was getting were better than the combined total of all the hands I've gotten over the past week it feels ... so random!

                [Jd As]
                (2 junk hands)
                [Qh Qc]
                [As Js]
                [Tc Ad]
                [Td Th]
                (6 junk hands)
                [Qd Jd] (I raised this and everybody folded)
                [Ah 5d] (in the big blind - made a full house)
                (5 junk hands)
                [Ac Ad]

                I also made a set with TT, and 2pr with AJs earlier on.

                That's 10 top 10 hands out of 50 hands dealt! Usually it's the opposite and I get none LOL! ()

                Hope that helps
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                  very nice trusty its weird howit seems to come in rushes

                  I had a wave of unbeliavble hands when I first started out and most won but recently im on a cooler


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                    Me too ... heater's sooooo over!!! (((


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                      >>so I really wanted a coinflip?

                      I'm afraid some of the previous answers didn't consider that huge bubble of the final table. They are right if the payment structure are soft without this huge jump.

                      You could forget about $12 you had already won and consider the situation like a new bubble of $8.

                      So it's very unprofitable to have coinflip on the final table bubble like this (20/12 diff). At this moment chips won are much chipper than chips lost. At least 1.3 times but not more than 1.6 I think.

                      But in Pokerstove you should compare you 44 not with his QJ but with his typical range in this situation which is (as you said) about 80%. So may be you have something like 55%. But I'm afraid it's not enough. Remember this bubble coefficient 1.3-1.6.

                      It's a good idea to have second table opened and watch. Very important - are there short stacks and how many?
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                        but it will return if you stick @ it umbup:


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                          As the short stack with 9 bb's I would call with 44 100% of the time against an opponent who is shoving every hand. I wouldn't be all that concerned with the final table bubble, if 10th place pays $12, 1st place is probably worth $250+, so I'm going to try and build a stack that can win, NOT blind off to survive another pay jump. That doesn't mean I'm going to call my stack off super light trying to get lucky, but I'm not passing up solid spots where I expect to be ahead.

                          However, I don't like being forced to call my chips off, when short I look for good spots to shove my stack and steal some blinds/race for a double up.
                          When the pot is folded to me and I can open shove all in:

                          From Early Postion:22+,A2s+,KQs,A8o+,KQo,
                          Middle/middle-late position: 22+,A2s+,K9s+,QTs+,JTs,A2o+,K9o+,
                          Cutoff/Button:22+,A2s+,K6s+,QTs+,J9s+,T9s,98s,87s,76s,65s ,A2o+,K6o+,Q9o+,J9o+,T9o,98o,87o


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                            Anykey thats what i was first thinking about the $8 pay jump but as but as paid in fullstated quite rightly !st was $270 i think form memory (however I was short stacked and there were @ least 2 giant stacks) so very little chance of me coming 1st?

                            I must admit if he hadnt of been going allin so often I coudl have folded 44 it was like I got no hands for ages and then I finally saw a small pair 4's andI had had enough but aftwards wondered if I had done the right thing

                            Tryin not to be results orientated here I know I lost the hand and busted out but did I go down fighting correctly or with a wimp and on a prayer

                            Paidinfull he wasnt shoving everyhand but it certainly seemed like it it was and i approxinate 80%
                            I am assuming you got those ranges out of pokerstove I need to try to be able to do that me thinks
                            No wonder sometiems some players call me a donkey..and yet sometimes I may have played it correctly(not talking about this specific hand here) and it is they who eat carrots lol

                            Horrible news regarding Norway shootings my prayers go out to all their families


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                              Rolo, you could have won this tournament no matter how short you were, the "chip and chair" cliche is actually very true, especially true considering your so deep in the tournament. I've played plenty of MTT's when I was the short stack at the final 2 tables and end up finishing in the top 3 payouts.

                              Those ranges came off the top of my head, I used poker stove to write them for me. My main point regarding short stack strategy was that you should look for spots to shove yourself before you get to the point where you have to call off your stack. When you shove you give yourself 2 ways to win, 1). your opponents can all fold and you win an uncontested pot, 2). you can get called and win at showdown. When you have to call all your chips you can only win 1 way, by having the best hand at showdown. Hopefully this stuff is useful to you, have fun and GL!



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