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this small hand played right?????

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  • this small hand played right?????

    i think, using the tips i got from all of u last couple of weeks, calling this hand and seeing the flop with 15 outs and going all in after the reraise and call from 2 of the more loose players on the table covers it? or was i to brave with this ideal opportunity to fit in the tools i learned???? tnx again for all the tips PokerStarsspel #64413441254: Toernooi #411630510, Freeroll Hold'em No Limit - Level XI (400/800) - 11/07/2011 12:52:17 CET [11/07/2011 6:52:17 ET] Tafel '411630510 383' 9-max Plaats #5 is de button Plaats 1: aris10 (28492 in chips) Plaats 2: G,s aces (11510 in chips) Plaats 3: RushFan63 (49805 in chips) Plaats 4: luna llena82 (17475 in chips) Plaats 5: fcsc88 (13688 in chips) Plaats 6: 77wopke77 (8115 in chips) Plaats 7: FCSM1960 (4149 in chips) is sitting out Plaats 8: EvgenHatab (52262 in chips) Plaats 9: MUTNYJKRITIK (4220 in chips) is sitting out aris10: zet de ante 75 G,s aces: zet de ante 75 RushFan63: zet de ante 75 luna llena82: zet de ante 75 fcsc88: zet de ante 75 77wopke77: zet de ante 75 FCSM1960: zet de ante 75 EvgenHatab: zet de ante 75 MUTNYJKRITIK: zet de ante 75 77wopke77: zet small blind 400 FCSM1960: zet big blind 800 *** GESLOTEN KAARTEN *** Gedeeld aan 77wopke77 [9h 7h] EvgenHatab: foldt MUTNYJKRITIK: foldt aris10: callt 800 G,s aces: callt 800 RushFan63: foldt luna llena82: callt 800 fcsc88: foldt 77wopke77: callt 400 FCSM1960: foldt *** FLOP *** [3h Td 8h] 77wopke77: bet 2337 aris10: raiset 2337 naar 4674 G,s aces: foldt luna llena82: callt 4674 77wopke77: raiset 2566 naar 7240 en is all-in aris10: callt 2566 luna llena82: callt 2566 *** TURN *** [3h Td 8h] [Qs] aris10: bet 20377 en is all-in luna llena82: foldt De niet-gecallde bet (20377) is geretourneerd aan aris10 *** RIVER *** [3h Td 8h Qs] [4h] *** SHOWDOWN *** 77wopke77: toont [9h 7h] (een flush, Negen hoog) aris10: toont [Qd Ts] (twee pair, Vrouwen en Tienen) 77wopke77 won 26395 van pot *** SAMENVATTING *** Totale pot 26395 | Rake 0 Board [3h Td 8h Qs 4h] Plaats 1: aris10 toonde [Qd Ts] en verloor met twee pair, Vrouwen en Tienen Plaats 2: G,s aces foldde op de Flop Plaats 3: RushFan63 foldde voor de Flop (bette niet) Plaats 4: luna llena82 foldde op de Turn Plaats 5: fcsc88 (button) foldde voor de Flop (bette niet) Plaats 6: 77wopke77 (small blind) toonde [9h 7h] en won (26395) met een flush, Negen hoog Plaats 7: FCSM1960 (big blind) foldde voor de Flop Plaats 8: EvgenHatab foldde voor de Flop (bette niet) Plaats 9: MUTNYJKRITIK foldde voor de Flop (bette niet) umbup:umbup:umbup:umbup:

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    I like the call preflop with it. suited 1-gap gives you alot of sneaky hands you can profit from with that many in the pot.

    15 outs is the best case scenario for you. The 8 outs for the straight are actually your best things to hit, because with that many in the pot, someone else can also have hearts and if they do, yours will most likely not be the best hand.

    I like the flop bet but when raised, epsecially if this is a PSO tourney, I wouldn't re-raise all-in until I had a made hand. Call, yes, re-raising a small amount compared to the pot size is almost guaranteed to be called... so I'd save them for now (although they are probably going to end up in the pot later in the hand). Although pushing if you do believe you have all 15 outs is NOT a bad play.

    One of them flopping top pair (and them pushing on the turn when hit 2-pair) is what I would have put someone on to start with (10 and broadway card). I'd have put the others on a small pair that didn't hit a set or a big A.

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      Pre just fold man your really short stacked and shouldnt be gambling it up.........wait for a better spot and start shoving dont take flops with ur stack



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