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defence, lucky draw????

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  • defence, lucky draw????

    *********** # 3 **************
    PokerStarsspel #64298134112: Hold'em No Limit ($0.10/$0.25 USD) - 08/07/2011 18:44:46 CET [08/07/2011 12:44:46 ET]
    Tafel 'Lipperta II' 9-max Plaats #5 is de button
    Plaats 1: zdol77 ($43.73 in chips)
    Plaats 2: lizf001 ($10 in chips)
    Plaats 5: strap0ny ($10 in chips)
    Plaats 6: jimex32 ($18.24 in chips)
    Plaats 7: 77wopke77 ($19.40 in chips)
    Plaats 8: jackchoi3355 ($20.85 in chips)
    Plaats 9: jimmy7107 ($22.87 in chips)
    jimex32: zet small blind $0.10
    77wopke77: zet big blind $0.25
    Gedeeld aan 77wopke77 [5d 6d]
    jackchoi3355: foldt
    jimmy7107: foldt
    zdol77: foldt
    dub555 verlaat de tafel
    lizf001: raiset $0.50 naar $0.75
    strap0ny: foldt
    jimex32: foldt
    77wopke77: raiset $0.75 naar $1.50
    lizf001: callt $0.75
    *** FLOP *** [Ah 8d 4d]
    77wopke77: bet $2.06
    lizf001: callt $2.06
    *** TURN *** [Ah 8d 4d] [Td]
    77wopke77: bet $5.49
    lizf001: raiset $0.95 naar $6.44 en is all-in
    77wopke77: callt $0.95
    *** RIVER *** [Ah 8d 4d Td] [Ad]
    *** SHOWDOWN ***
    77wopke77: toont [5d 6d] (een flush, Aas hoog)
    lizf001: toont [Th Ac] (een full house, Azen over Tienen)
    lizf001 won $19.12 van pot
    *** SAMENVATTING ***
    Totale pot $20.10 | Rake $0.98
    Board [Ah 8d 4d Td Ad]
    Plaats 1: zdol77 foldde voor de Flop (bette niet)
    Plaats 2: lizf001 toonde [Th Ac] en won ($19.12) met een full house, Azen over Tienen
    Plaats 5: strap0ny (button) foldde voor de Flop (bette niet)
    Plaats 6: jimex32 (small blind) foldde voor de Flop
    Plaats 7: 77wopke77 (big blind) toonde [5d 6d] en verloor met een flush, Aas hoog
    Plaats 8: jackchoi3355 foldde voor de Flop (bette niet)
    Plaats 9: jimmy7107 foldde voor de Flop (bette niet)

    ok tell me what makes this dude tik before the river ace

  • #2
    He holds top 2 pair, and a pretty short stack with a lot of it in.

    There are "only" 3 of your suit on the board, so while he MAY perceive the "threat", he might think you are on just an Ad for top pair and flush draw.

    It is actually pretty "standard" for him to call (actually shove his tiny stack over you, but that is about the SAME "effect" as a call, since you gotta call the 94c) here to be honest, and your turn bet when you spike is going to net you good value more often than not.

    After that, he just gets lucky and hits one of his 4 outs to win.

    You didn't do anything "wrong" here (I especially like your semi-bluff lead on your 2 way draw which slows him down from possibly denying you odds on his top pair hit), but it is really hard to say HE did anything wrong here either.

    When he calls that $2.06 turn lead, the pot grows to over $7. Sometimes your $5.49 bet is going to be the Ad for a pair with the draw, sometimes it will be a set, sometimes it will be a flush. With top 2 he cannot call, so he puts 'em all in, and hopes it is jsut the Ad and draw.

    If he had held $20 behind here, that all-in is pretty "value owning", but with a bit under 6 fitty, it is understandable.

    You played it well, and the river just sucks, but sometimes 4 outs will hit.
    Double Bracelet Winner


    • #3
      tnx again


      • #4
        I like youf play here too. as to what makes him tick, he probably thinks his ace is good on the flop hence the flop call and when he turns top 2 he's going no where but in the middle given his stack size. he just spiked one of his 4 outs to suck out. well played but in poker results will vary and all you can do is make good decisions. (which you did!) stack em high! MT
        May the tinfoil protect you. MT


        • #5
          i try to load them in the replayer but it somehow won't work


          • #6
            by the way all these hands costed me but i managed to get my 150 points for august lol



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