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0.05$ NL pre-flop 4bet with JJ

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  • 0.05$ NL pre-flop 4bet with JJ

    Both opponents seemed to be solid players, not too tight, but they knew what they where doing. I have been at this table for about 40 hands. Every now and then I open raised or 3bet a button raise. I think people thought I was TAG. I figured the first guy might have re-raised just for the hell of it, but the second guy certainly had a hand.

    Is it reasonable to 4bet here with the jacks? How about the bet sizes? Shoving on the turn is ok I guess? If the turn had been a different card I would have check-folded I guess.

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    Not reasonable to 4bet with jacks. The reason is, if you 4bet, then all of the AQ and TT and KQ and 65s hands that might have 3bet or cold called go bye-bye and you're left at the mercy of anyone who happens to have AK or QQ+. Against that range, you're crushed, and I don't think 50ish big blinds is short enough to 4bet stack off with JJ. 25BB, perhaps. Since you're not deep enough to setmine, and even if you were, you're out of position, this is a fold for me. If you had a full buy-in and the effective stack was 80ish big blinds, and your opponents were pretty spewy post-flop, then there would be an arguement for setmining and calling to see a flop. If you had position on both players, say, if you were on the button, the small blind 3bet, and the big blind cold called, then the scenario is way different there, too. There, calling or 4betting has more merit.
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      I would have put them on an over-pair from the start. When you hit the set, since they're not on the straight draw.... you did the correct thing by putting them all in. Good pot and the right way to play it.

      Yes, you could have gotten un-lucky, but I'd take that chance every single time.

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