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Sick bad beat or should i fold AA?

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  • Sick bad beat or should i fold AA?

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    Sick bad beat. Never fold AA on under 20BB in a standard structure tournament. If possible, get it in preflop. This kind of overpair domination is actually the worst kind of bad beat you can suffer in Hold'em.

    xx vs. xy where y is a rank below x: xx (AA in this case) is usually better than 90% to win preflop, which is the best kind of odds you'll ever find in Hold'em.


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      You held the nut hand when the chips went in.

      You know the answer to this (or you REALLY should).

      Doesn;t this belong in the bad beat forum?
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        The worst kind of bad beat forum.


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          I would nearly bet the villain was German! Sick beat Mickey..

          Would I fold the nuts pre flop in any other tourney? No way!

          Would I fold it early in the current PSO league incarnation?

          I cannot really say since I have not played one yet but from what I have read it reminds me of German freeroll tournaments and the poker rules you are taught in PSO do not not apply there or here. I will tell this though that the majority of times your nuts will hold over A, rag. You just got unlucky.

          Is there anyway you could have won the hand postflop? No, no matter what you did this numpty was calling. He just does not realise that the gambling component of NLHE ends when he calls your all in. He is relying entirely on luck.

          Maybe you should tell him about PSO



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            Fold preflop. At best you're only 93% to win.
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              This is the exact scenerio you are hoping for, just not the result. If you are at the end of the month in pso and are on top of the leaderboard i may think about playing it differently but at this stage of the league you autoshove and don't look back.


              • #8
                Not a big Surprise

                I see it happen All the time on short stack against large stack.


                • #9
                  I would of never folded AA there i was just so frustrated by losing to some donk that had about 3 outs if he was lucky.


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                    i lost on KK new league ,i almost folded i realy concidered the fold ,and i know had i i would have regreted folding ,tough break ,played right umbup:umbup:umbup:umbup:umbup:


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                      Originally posted by Mikey_hba View Post
                      I would of never folded AA there i was just so frustrated by losing to some donk that had about 3 outs if he was lucky.
                      That's why it belongs in the bad beat forum...
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