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Lost with double pair on Turn

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  • Lost with double pair on Turn

    Nine players PSO Skill League Tourney.
    I got AsQs, middle position. (Blinds 75/150)

    Small Bling, Big Blind and then 3rd Player Calls, 4th Player Folds, I raised to 450.

    5th Player Calls my raise, 6th 7th and Dealer Fold.

    The small blind, big blind and 3rd Player call.

    Flop comes JdQd9h. 1st player (the one who placed the smallblind) bets 400, he's All in.

    Next player calls with 70 he's All In as well.

    I call 400 and the next player raises to 800. I call the 800.

    Turn comes Ah. I bet my last 95 so I'm All in now.

    Next player calls my 95 and he's left with 250. Now cards are shown as all players are All In and the last player left, the one after me is the only one with 250 chips left.

    Small Blind Player is holding Ad3d. So he has a pair of Aces (He went all in from flop with a flush draft).

    Next player is holding Ac8d.

    I'm holding AsQs.

    Next player (the one with chips left) is holding Kh10c. (He was the favorite, didn't see that coming)

    River is Kd.

    Small blind player wins with Ace High Flush.

    Did I play my hand incorrectly? What was the best thing to do?

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    I wouldn't like being in a 4-way pot with that board. It's almost certain that someone is on a flush draw and at least 1 of them should have a straight draw, or already made the straight, or one could have a set too.

    Yes, you have top pair, but that early in a PSO, I'm mucking on the flop to 2 all-ins before me. It's not worth the risk to get a big negative league score. I'd rather save my chips and get into a pot where I can isolate one opponent and raise my chance to win the hand.

    For you, you absolutely needed to put your chips in on the turn (you were already pot-committed) when you hit the two pair... but I'd have been out of the hand way before that.

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      So what you are saying is that it was better to fold when the small blind player went All in with those 400 and the other player before me went All in as well , right?

      Was it a mistake to raise pre - flop with the cards I had?

      Thanks a lot for your help.


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        I like the preflop raise, as it's exactly what I'd have done. If you're going to get in the hand, then you want to be raising.

        The two all-in's before me on the flop with the bigstack left to act after me is what would make me fold on the flop. There are just way too many combinations of cards that are already ahead of you, or have reasonable draws to be ahead of you.

        If there was only one opponent in the hand against you, I'd be more inclined to call an all-in, but with 4 people still in the pot, you most likely don't have the best hand.

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          Shove pre? If you don't shove pre, obviously shove flop

          Edit: Totally misread that flop. Too many broadway combos have you toasted here. Honestly in PSO you can fold here. Your stack size is why I'd prefer a shove, but you're probably not the favorite in a 4-way pot here. Save the chips and SHOVE next time you have a hand preflop.
          Last edited by oriholic; Thu Jun 30, 2011, 01:13 AM.
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            What ever happened to posting hand histories?



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