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whose the bad beat him or me

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  • whose the bad beat him or me

    i was watching one of the training videos as the match started,did i play this wrong o r should i have folded i did not curse ,thinking of barrydogs situation ,i thought i did this wright
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    bad beat for you bigtime. If it was me, I'd have made a bigger flop and turn bet. Probably pot-sized on the flop and another 3/4 to pot-sized bet on the turn. The 3rd club for me would have been a bigtime scare card and on the river, I'd have bet less due to it and I'm calling any reasonable raise from them.

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      thanks i was not paying close attention to the flush ,,shouldnt have been distracted by the training video,the kicker is this is his first match in the league seems to be the way latley,looks like im heading for another big minus,live and learn lol


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        Raise preflop. You have position and an ace. You also have a hand that's a pain to play postflop. On the flop your bet is fine. It could be more like 30, but it keeps the pot fairly small and allows you to get called by a lot of weaker hands, while encouraging stronger hands to raise and allow you to fold. Turn bet is wayyyy too big. Yeah, you have three aces, but unless the other guy had 52, nothing has changed! Also, such a big bet tends to make all the middle pair type hands that you beat want to fold, and yes, while you're charging draws a high price, you're sticking yourself to the pot with a hand that is really not super strong. I'd check behind on that river. Unless you expect him to try to bluff-catch with K-high or a pair of 8s, you're really not getting called by worse. He also made the correct play check-calling with 56s there I think as you could easily have a full house or better flush.
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