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Should i defend with A9

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  • Should i defend with A9

    Two days in a row i defended my BB close to or on the bubble and lost.
    Day 1 the button has me covered and shoves with 89 off i call with A9 he flops a 8 straight up game over.
    Day2 SB has about 4 BB less than me and shoves with KJ off I call with A9 suited and loose to a K on the river. then get blinded out.
    Is this bad play or just unlucky. What range should i defend with against SB and button.

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    if these are from a PSO game, they should both be auto-mucks.
    In a money game, if I've got enough chips to get ITM, they're both auto-mucks.

    If you're going to push near the bubble, you want to still have enough chips to get ITM, or you need to be sure you won't lose the hand. A9 has no broadway draws, nor flush draws, so I'm mucking it.

    After the bubble... different attitude totally, as if I'm under 5-10BB, I'm shoving with them. If over 10BB, then I'm mucking it.

    Defending the blinds is something that will get you into deep, deep trouble. When you don't have a hand and have a decent chip stack (or enough to get ITM), you need to fold.

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      Would need to know stack sizes in terms of BBs, how that compares to the average stack, etc., but both of those sound like good calls in general. In #1 your opponent is clearly pushing wide enough for you to call with A9. In #2 KJ could be the bottom, middle, or even near the top of his range. Would need an idea of his range to know whether that's a good call (but it probably is). A9s is a top 10% push-calling hand, and A9o is top 15%. A9s is a top 10% pushing hand as well, but A9o is only top 20% for pushing.

      Really stack sizes (and not just who covers who) are extremely important to know. If the BB is 400 and you have the biggest stack with 24000 and a guy with 21000 shoves into you, don't just think "oh I have him covered and a good hand ahead of his range I call". You pretty much need AA or KK to call.

      In PSO on the bubble both of these are folds. In PSO near the bubble they're both folds as well.
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        Hi thanks for your advice
        I should have stated they were both MTT with 180 starting players one was $2.50 buy in the other $3.50 rebuy. Both occasions i had between 15 to 20 BB witch were around 1K with Antes so the pot was worth fighting for and both being Turbos they were increasing fast. I guess i didnt want to limp into the money and have no chance at reaching the final table or better.Thanks Again



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