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aq suited 6handed ps final table

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  • aq suited 6handed ps final table

    whats the right way to play this?
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    Range reads are needed here to assess your play decisions here.

    As for your QUESTION, I think I can answer that...

    You have an 85k stack who is pretty short in relation to the blinds.
    You have a couple stacks jsut above 110k as well, and those guys are going to be feeling pressure if not this blind level, then certainly with the next increase.
    You even have a mega shortie who is going to be ANTE'd all in soon.

    This all argues for not putting yourself in extreme risk versus a similar sized stack without a pretty clear indication you are ahead.

    You must recognize that with the next level increases, those near 100k stacks are suddenly going to be right at about 10BB, and you SHOULD see a bit of a loosening in the action leading to a bust out or 2.

    You should also be watching the current betting dynamic at your table VERY closely to see if you can notice anyone starting to "feel the pressure". This may come in the form of a bigger stack amp'ing up agression because they might feel the need to "make something happen", or it may come from one of the shorter stacks beginning to shove because they are feeling pressure from the blinds. Oftentimes when you hold a solid middle level stack in the FT stages of an MTT, waiting until OTHERS start to crack under the pressure is the best thing you can do; at the very least it preserves your stack to take advantage of the potential "mistakes" people cracking might make.

    This also argues for you to try playing smaller pots with hands which may, or may not, be clear favorites.


    What SHOULD you be doing here (as opposed to analyzing what you DID)?

    1) Adjust a bit off that 3x BB raise. Try moving to a 2.25 to 2.5x BB raise instead to make it less costly to fold if someone comes over you.

    2) Try to avoid RACE situations for large portions of your stack. There is simply too much benefit from moving up 2 or 3 spots for you to feel a "need" for a race at this point.

    3) Be sure your reads are SHARP against any opponent who can hurt your stack. At this stage, any of the opponents (save the mega-shortie) can hurt your stack to the tune of 50%+ loss. While right NOW may not be the time to take close edges, your stack is not going to last through many move level increases before it WILL be time to seek those closer situations. Be ready for 'em.
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      Thanks umbup:
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        I think raising to 3BB preflop was a little much. I'd go with somewhere between a minraise and 2.3x. When you get 3-bet you absolutely have to shove. You have a stack that can totally destroy him if he loses. Personally I think his 3-bet-call with 77 was really bad and your shove with AQ suited was excellent. First, he not flipping as often as he wants to think, and yeah, why CALL off your stack for a coinflip. He should be quite risk averse against you. That is if you haven't been going all aggro lately. Good play you bad play him in general I think.
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          Thanks umbup:
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            I agree with Ori... I'd probably have raised to about 2.5X and when you get 3-bet, I'm shoving every single time.

            You really got what you wanted in a coin-flip, as they also could have had you dominated with AA, AK or QQ... the river was really unlucky for you as they hit a 2-outer.

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              Yeah basically open to 2.25-2.5x pre.

              I'm not all that clued up on PS tournaments, are they money pay outs or points? There's two short stacks at the table (one of which has less than 1BB), my knowledge of ICM isn't great but doesn't it tell us that AQ is a clear fold to the 3bet? He's commited his self if you jam and it's a rarely a weaker A, so we know were flipping although I was stunned to see 77 there.

              I'm at work atm so I haven't got a chance to work it out but if this was a SnG or a MTT final table, then you can only play back with the very top of your range QQ+ (maybe JJ?).

              This may not apply in these tournaments however!
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