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Should I have folded

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  • Should I have folded

    I'm pretty sure my first bet was spot on 4xbb + 3xlimpers = 210 But should I have folded to the shove ? I have this player noted as pretty loose Comments appreciated
    Last edited by spike8998; Fri Jun 24, 2011, 09:12 PM.

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    Personally I wouldn't have raised that much preflop with TT. 210 is a hefty chunk of your stack going in before the flop and your OOP, If you get any action it wont be easy to play OOP postflop. As played I would call the shove, he could have limped with 22-99 as well as a ton of Ax, Kx,+ SC hands your a big favorite over that range, I would be shocked if he ever turned over JJ+ in this spot so It's a call in my mind.


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      first thing I'd do when I see the opponents cards is to make a note on both that they will push with any 2 suited cards. Their plays are both horrible, as both should have folded preflop.

      If this is a PSO game, where you'll lose a ton of points if you lose the hand, then I'm mucking 10's to a shove, because if your opponents have a clue, you're probably in a race with them and it's too early to be in a race situation due to the negtative points (yes you can get alot of chips, especially with 2 all-in, but the amount of chips doesn't outweigh the negative points).

      With 10's out of position, you're normally going to flop at least one higher card. That makes it real tricky to play and is another reason I'd muck the 10's early to a push. If it was me, I'd have probably only raised to 90 instead of 210, because people will be staying with anything and could easily outflop you. If you can see the flop cheap, then go ahead and try to hit a set, but it's too early to call a push with a mid pair.

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        Interesting response JW
        Food for thought


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          hay spike - i dont mind the 210- raise-in a sng--but this pso--- 2 things- 1. barbigal and 2. donkeyz -- neither one will fold there- even if you shuv- i would have min raised- to juice the pot a little- or even checked my option- and tried to keep the pot small- less i hit a set-- if you dont know about barbigal, you need to take better notes- shes played for 9 months and is bottom league all months-and wont fold--- gl monk..

          so fold to the shuv------


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            Obviously you should not have folded to a shove.

            I'd probably just check TT here. After raising that much you're priced in to call a shove against a loose bad player. If you limp in/check and flop a set it's super deceptive and you don't commit too much of your stack if the board doesn't go your way. Also, you keep the pot small so you can call down even if you don't hit a set.
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              Thanks for the advice guys

              Great summation as usual oriholic
              I have been waiting all night for your words of wisdom


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                Last edited by monkeyskunk4; Sat Jun 25, 2011, 02:24 PM.


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                  Originally posted by spike8998 View Post
                  I'm pretty sure my first bet was spot on 4xbb + 3xlimpers = 210 But should I have folded to the shove ? I have this player noted as pretty loose Comments appreciated
                  here i would off just checked and saw a cheap flop with the 10s because usually this early in the tournament ppl will call or shove all in with any two suited cards,with all the ppl limping in the pot the 210 reraise was to big for a med pair with to many variations off over cards facing you,here when you risked your chips in the second round off blinds pre flop was a mistake because 10s arent as powerfull as they look!now by checking your blind you get to see a cheap pot its kept small and if the small blind checks the you can put a half the pot bet to see where you are,iv seen you play a few times and you seem to be a very solid player,good luck at the tables and the pso
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                    That early- in a PSO- if you are playin for points- its check/auto fold to the shuv- with those 2 in the pot-- jmo--
                    Last edited by monkeyskunk4; Sat Jun 25, 2011, 05:17 PM.


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                      Brave i feel

                      wasnt your raise aye monster raise,pre flop,10 10 isnt aye monster tho,cat 3,re raise fold,10 10,only aye learner so might be wrong,gl and skill in future my friend,DOGG GONE


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                        Brave i feel

                        Wasnt you raise pre flop aye monster raise?10 10 is cat 3,re raise fold,might be wrong,only aye learner here,gl and skill my friend,DOGG GONE



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