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My first royal flush :)

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  • My first royal flush :)

    I just have to share this, my first royal flush and against an opponent who has AA and hits a full nice

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    I don't like the way you played it on basically any street... but nice hand


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      Originally posted by jf70 View Post
      I don't like the way you played it on basically any street... but nice hand
      Sorry but if you're so smart, why don't you explain how you would of played it. Such a comment without a valid explanation is worthless

      So do explain


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        I liked the check on the flop. It gives you a free card to try and hit a flush. I understand his check too... as he wants to keep you in when he had the best hand. He's hoping you hit a flush..... but wasn't expecting the royal.

        You were able to get him to stack off in the end with the worst hand. Good job!

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          Checking the flop is fine as it allows the preflop raiser to continue his aggression. You can checkraise or check-call here as you generally have so much equity in the hand.

          Turn card is gin obviously. Don't like the check-call here at all. I'd mash the bet pot button. His bet of 10 cents into a $1 pot should tell you something....HE THINKS HE HAS THE NUTS. You could probably ship it here and get called. On the river I would definitely just shove. No reason to try to get in 3 separate bets and narrow anyone's range. You risk serious value against a lot hands that will just call by doing that.

          Nice hand.
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            Originally posted by jf70 View Post
            I don't like the way you played it on basically any street... but nice hand
            Turn and River were well played. But those are the easiest streets in this hand.

            Hard to see without reads on the opponent's 3Bet range to say whether the pre-flop call was good or not. The Flop check was fine in most spots (nut flush), but in THIS spot you were drawing dead to 1 out; that makes the check great. Good thing you didn't bet it...

            Personally, I do not like putting a ton in with a flush draw on a paired board, but then he (the villain) made it very cheap (infinately so) for you to hit the royal flush. You spiked the 1 outer that killed his boat...

            Good for you. Those are rare, but so sweet when they happen.
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              Classic example of slow playing what looks like the nuts - till the turn hits.

              Nice hand - congrats!!
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                Fun hand unha - congrats!!!

                Thx for sharing!


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                  On that board, obviously aces aren't the nuts. Pocket jacks are. And for him to check that flop was a sweet deal for you! I agre that on the river you prob dont want to raise small and give him a chance to just call. there's a ton of hands possible that will be willing to stack off here so just get the chips in. and congrats on ur first one! Stack em high! MT
                  May the tinfoil protect you. MT



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