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Did i play these KK right/bet well.

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  • Did i play these KK right/bet well.

    AJEI had been playing fairly agressive, playing mostly pocket pairs and hand like AK and QJ. I had noticed that when he does actually have a hand, he comes out betting, not calling so I couldn't really place him on a pocket pair or a 5 (a 5 with any other card other than a five also seemed to low for his range), but still aired on the side of caution in case he was concealing.
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    I have played AJEI couple times- solid player-imo- - i like the min 3bet- any more against this guy and he gonna know you are on AA or KK- that being said, im not a fan of betting less on flop than u bet pre- and again on turn you bet less - then the river bet 4 value- is kinda weird- what would you have done if he raised you there?/-- as JJ and 88 are definitely in his range- and could have been slow playing you- setting you up for a big decision on river-

    I think ida bet atleast 1/2 pot on flop- QQ 10 10 and 99 are in his range there as well - and try to get all the money in on the turn- if he has quad 5 - so be it- if he had a set and wasnt sloplayin he re raising your 120 flop bet

    All that being said- is very early in the tournament- and you won a decent pot-- strange line 4 sure- yet it worked-- jmo and gl - monk..


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      if it was me, I'd have probably raised more for every single bet.
      I'd have raised to about 225-250 preflop, then on the flop, made about a pot-sized bet. Only betting 120 into a pot of 330 isn't much and since there were two diamonds on the board, you want to make them pay if they're drawing to the flush.
      Turn bet is too small too. Again, if they're drawing to something (they never raised you back on any of your bets, which a set is going to probably do to such a small bet on the flop or turn)... you need to make them pay for their draw.
      River bet needs to be more too..... they didn't bet like they had a set and the flush didn't hit, so bet the maximum that you think they will call, as a value bet.

      It sounds to me like they had diamonds or KJ or QJ.

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        Did you look to see what he mucked? If not, why not?

        Looks like he may have had AJ and got off cheap.


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          Monkey: If he had of raised, at any point, then i would of put him on a hand that would beat me and folded. The way he had been playing, my gut said that he didn't have a hand that would beat me. Not exactly fool proof, but I've had some decent luck with it.

          Dan & JWK24: incidently, I did look at the hand history afterwards for this thread and to see what he had, he was holding 9s 9d.
          'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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            Holding 99...seems like your bets were perfect for stringing him along. umbup: You do know that you can look at mucked cards from a showdown instantly right? The red replay circle? Just checking.


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              3bet more preflop IMO.. if he has a small PP then we're giving him decent odds to set mine - I'd make it around 225-275, this way we're also charging him a good price for playing a pot with us in position.

              Cbet needs to be bigger (220 for me), unless you think he will come over the top of a weak bet. If he had 88/55/JJ it's a pretty wet board and if your only 3betting premiums, he would of 9/10 times raised your flop bet.

              Turn I bet 375, as the only hands in his range that include a 5 is A5 and 55.

              The river bricks off, and I'd jam to get value from AJ,KJ and some unlikely calls from TT/99.


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                I think you should have bet more in every spot. You should have been able to get your whole stack in the middle by the river and just suck it up if he had 88 or JJ. With a hand like KK or AA you generally want to play for stacks, especially in a heads-up 3-bet pot.

                I would probably 3-bet to around 200-225 pre. I don't like 3-betting small because 1st, I think that generally telegraphs our hand as AA/KK, and also we will be out of position so we want to charge a higher price for him to continue if he wants to bust us. If we bet 200 the pot is 430 on the flop and we'll have 1250 behind. A C-bet of about 300 would be totally natural, and if called create a 1030 pot where we have 950 behind. We should pretty easily be able to get our stack in on the turn or river. On a card that is likely to scare him away we could check (or make a small tricky blockery bet that says "oh no an ace I'm scared now" which will almost always get called and make it impossible to fold to your river 2/3 pot shove, haha) but on anything non threatening I think we have an easy shove. Definitely shove the river if you didn't shove the turn. I'm absolutely prepared to go broke here. I want to finish this hand with 0 or 3000 chips.

                Also, what's he doing in there with 99 anyway? You have AA/KK like all the time here. Does he really think you're micro-barreling away all streets with AK or 77?

                Also, everyone note that Havoc's 3-bet to 150 preflop was NOT a minreraise. AJEI raised from 30 to 75, a raise of 45. A minreraise would be another 45 or to 120, not 150. If you're paying attention this means a few things. First, it was not a misclick, or a mindless raise button click--he actually chose that number. At double the 75 it looks like it's a minreraise, and it still forces you to call in position. Also, this is such an "I have AA/KK and I don't want to scare everyone away with a big bet" small bet. This is very easily exploited as it gives you great odds to call and try to bust the almost certain big pair, or just fold when you miss. You're not going to see a lot of people making tiny 3-bets with weaker hands as it gives you too good odds to call and they'll be out of position.
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                  Originally posted by !!!111Dan View Post
                  Holding 99...seems like your bets were perfect for stringing him along. umbup: You do know that you can look at mucked cards from a showdown instantly right? The red replay circle? Just checking.
                  Yep, used it a few times. Thanks anyhows. And thanks to everyone for your input.
                  'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'



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