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Great Hand # 12 - EPT 2 Barcelona - Hansen vs Larsson

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  • Great Hand # 12 - EPT 2 Barcelona - Hansen vs Larsson

    Great Hand #12 - EPT 2 Barcelona - Hansen vs Larsson

    Watch video here.

    Would you have acted the same way? What would you have done differently? Share your thoughts and feedback via this forum discussion about this hand.

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    The check on the turn was great, although frankly with Aces it would've been an insanely difficult fold either way. It's sort of the problem against loose players.. apart from shoving preflop, there's just no protection from opponents occasionally hitting big.
    There's really no way out, except perhaps being hyper-aggressive on the flop to avoid giving free cards..


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      Gus's 5x raise preflop surprised me. He donks the flop for about 1/2 pot...which he always does. He has air here way more often than he has a pair I think. I'm not totally thrilled with the raise on the flop as it bloats the pot and Gus is likely to just be barreling with air. Also, if he's going to raise for value a minraise kind of sucks. As long as Gus has some equity he calls here, and Larsson ekes out a little value, but he gives him a great price to call and bust him. He also tells Gus exactly what he has. AA, KK, QQ (super unlikely) or maybe AQ, mostly aces though. Gus's check on the turn makes sense as he expects Larsson to bet. If Larsson was hoping Gus had a Q now he's doing the opposite. By checking behind on the turn, Larsson is asking Gus to bluff him on the river. That Q on the river was amazing for Gus. Not just because it gives him quads, but because Larsson has to call any river bet with almost his entire range.
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        Originally posted by PSO Admin View Post
        Would you have acted the same way? What would you have done differently?
        Without knowing their stacks it's hard to say. For sure I wouldn't raise 5X.


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          Gus's open didn't surprise me, because from what I've seen of him on tv, he's in a ton of hands and will open with a pretty wide range. Gus's follow-up bet on the flop didn't surprise me, as he's going to bet whether he hit all/some/none of the flop. Larsson's raise prices Gus in... which is what he really wants to do since he figures he has the best hand.
          Gus's check on the turn says one of two things.. either he's hit air or has a Q. Like Larsson's check there too, as he has to figure that he could now be behind.
          The river card really makes things interesting. Gus bets out and with rockets, there's only 1 card in the deck that can beat him and with that much in the pot, Larsson basically has to call, which he does.

          About the only thing that Larsson could have done was to shove on his flop raise, but with top pair and chip leader at the table by alot, Gus is probably going to call with top pair.

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