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  • Analysis please

    PSO game, everyone but me, villain and 2 others are sitting out. no major reads, only that villain has been playing a fair few hands and is fairly loose with the chips.
    'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'

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    Depending on how you perceive the player you are involved in a hand with,you can play it a few ways.

    Players that take this kind of line think they are ahead and I find depending on skill lvl,I am usually behind in the race.Small pairs are played like this by the bingo players early on and you should have a pretty good gauge of his range for agressive play by this point,if he has been at your table all this time.
    Being that this is PSO I would be flatting the re-raise and dumping if I miss the board.
    If you want to race you should be shoving after the re-raise.
    Reason for this is a shove could get a fold.
    Its strange how I still mess these kinds of hands up.
    Say you had AA and the player re-raise you and you shove thinking for sure he is calling and he folds or vice versa you have crap and think he will fold and he calls.

    Some players I can pinpoint how they will play due to experience but against bad players you can never be certain in how they will react to your play(if it is aggressive).

    Since you have some extra chips,I would lean towards flatting and if you hit a K or A,let him bet into you and than use a low card on the turn as a fake bluff and shove.
    He will think you cant read a board and call.Reason a shove works better is people will think that if you had Ace or King that you would try to extract value and a shove can work against certain styles.

    Best way to explain this is the river bet.
    Some people fold to a weak bet thinking it is a trap,some people will call out of curiosity.
    Some people will call a donk bet(over bet) thinking only a bluff would do that and some will fold thinking it is a sign of strength.I find that if you can work out villains thinking on the river you can figure out their thinking through out a hand.


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      your raise is too big- and all in preflop with AK in the first level of a pso-just isnt the way --ure 4 bet is useless- might as well shuv- that clown aint folding-- raise normal next time- if u get 3 bet-- call-- u miss flop-- muck-- ABC poker--
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        Monkey hit it on the head, it it applies to any game, not just PSO. AK isn't the holy nuts and there's no rule that says you must go broke if you play it. Love the raise preflop, hate the size. His 3 bet with 7's is nuts too, but, there's information there. He has something, but what? Sure, 3 betting 7's isn't smart poker, but, unless you are almost certain that he's not holding a pair (22 is a favorite over AK), why join the insanity? Call the 3 bet and see a flop.

        If you had flopped a hand like Top/Top, which is the most likely way you'll hit it, you can still keep the pot small in case he did flop a set as indeed he did here.

        You'd have missed this flop and could easily have folded post flop. You could take a check/call line if you really felt your Ace was good, but, that's loose and you said you didn't really have a read on this villian. You can't make the money if you go broke early.

        The good news is, you'll probably be the first one on your block to fold AK when you've whiffed the flop in a PSO. Assuming of course, you live on a block. Good luck!

        P.S. I neglected to mention that you are out of position against this opponent because the action that got it all-in preflop negated your positional disadvantage
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