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6max cash game donkey play

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  • 6max cash game donkey play

    Heres a hand I played and was wondering why the guy didnt call. When I was at the table maybe i played around 40 hands and raised to .3oc before the flop maybe around 10 or more times. I was just wondering if anyone else would fold if they were the other guy. I ended up winning the hand but I guess that was pure luck that he folded. I tried to make seem like I was on a draw and I guess it worked im guessing that he had two over cards but I dont know everyone at the table was supertight.
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    If the table was super tite - as you said- then i dont like the flat call --oop- preflop-its a fold 4 me- that being said- if you ranged the villain on AK,AQ etc- you had evry reason to believe that your 4 was good-on the flop-- and the check raise on the turn was a great play-77 is def. in your range of hands to defend bb-- taking the betting lead- and on that board- villain cannot call your lead out river bet- so--- well played - i guess
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      Well, if you believe the villain is firing 2 barrels with his high card hands (AK, AQ) then the turn raise isn't good because you beat all that stuff with a hand that has showdown value in your pair of 4's, but are likely to be called by the hands beating you... basically value owning yourself.

      However, against an opponent that won't play a big pot without a very strong hand (i.e. one that can lay down premium pairs on a scary board) then I like your play against that player type. You're turning your hand into a bluff in this case, but if the villain will fold big pairs to action on a scary board, then basically he has almost no calling range here and the line is highly profitable. At 10nl though with no villain reads, I am always assuming they won't fold an overpair to the board if you put a gun to their head... that's why they're stuck losing $ in micro stakes. So I'm not turning showdown value hands into bluffs unless I have info on the villain that gives me reason to believe their software has an active fold button.

      Edit: I agree with monkey, if this guy is super tight, then calling his raise with A4 out of position is a pretty big leak. Save those plays for in position. I still stand by the above though, many poor-playing super tight players can't fold premium pairs as they wait so long for a "good hand" they sometimes marry it.
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        Wow I had no clue thank you guys for your input
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