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Great Hand #9 - EPT Baden - Weber vs Judah

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  • Great Hand #9 - EPT Baden - Weber vs Judah

    Great Hand #9 - EPT Baden - Weber vs Judah

    Watch video here.

    Would you have acted the same way? What would you have done differently? Share your thoughts and feedback via this forum discussion about this hand.

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  • #2
    another good hand. race preflop. Flop really hits both players (one with 2 overs and nut flush draw... other with overpair).
    Really like the raise on the flop, as it's a perfect example of making a bet to see exactly where you're at in the hand. A number of us have used that phrase in the forum and this is a great example of if.
    Yes the opponent has 15 outs and is ahead... BUT... it makes him wonder how high his pkt pair is or does he have a set already.... does he have 15 outs, 12 outs or 9 outs or less if he has a set already??? Makes it a tougher decision for him, as he doesn't know if he's slightly ahead or 2-1 behind.
    Folding the AJ is a tough one from a shorter stack, as yes, he was by chance slightly ahead in the hand odds-wise, but behind at that point in time..... BUT... if you've got confidence in your game and can find a better situation, then that's what he needs to do.

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      First thing I notice is the commentator failed math preflop.
      He mentions the Judah pumps it up to 4800 when it is actually 6800 open.
      3.4xbb open I dont mind that but you got Elky in the BB,so thought has to go into that.
      Think you want to show strength but not to much that it screams High face cards aka. AKos!
      I think the reaction he gets from the next player is a bit of a tell that shows Judahs bet sizing is a little off from the norm of what he tends to open.
      Weber rubs his face and contemplates raising or calling and that also narrows his range some what.He cant raise/fold preflop,so I think calling is the best play not knowing the stack sizes.

      On the flop Judah bets the flop very weak,which means he doesnt like the flop and wants to control the pot,he is on a draw and wants to see it cheap or he has a made hand and wants some action.The last choice is less likely with a flush draw on the board so I wouldnt have a problem getting aggressive against him here.
      Good read by Weber and a nice way to turn his 88s into a hand that looks slightly stronger than it is.
      Judah played aggressive preflop and went completely backwards on the flop,which screams over cards at best.He never shows up with a set betting so much preflop.


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        Personally, I don't see how Weber folded. From the point of view of Weber, If he put Judah on a JJ pair he has a 24% chance of hitting a higher pair, 45% if he had any other pair. Set of jacks (or any set), he'll have a 36% chance of beating him with a flush, don't think Judah bet enough to represent quad 6's.

        If that was me in Weber's shoes, I would of kicked myself, as I'm sure he did.

        But then again I'm not the pro, but still.
        'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


        • #5
          First thing I notice is the commentator failed math preflop.
          He mentions the Judah pumps it up to 4800 when it is actually 6800 open.
          He raises it 4800 to 6800 no? Blinds are 1K/2K. The person who put up on the screen that it was 4800 did it wrong, but the announcer said pumps it up BY 4800, not TO 4800

          Anyhow, I really need to know stack sizes, but I'm never folding AJ clubs on that board unless this is some big stack vs. second biggest stack clash where I'm the one in danger. Two big overs and the nut flush draw on a low flop. What can the other guy have that I'm worried about? 56, 56 clubs, 77, 44, 33. I mean the worst he can have is 56 clubs as I have only a live flush draw and only 7 outs to get there. Depending on stack sizes I either call, raise, or shove. I never ever fold here though.

          If I'm holding those 8s, I like that line. I might have just called on the flop with a hand like KK or QQ, for pot control, but with a couple clubs out there and a lot of big cards that can come on the turn, it might become hard to continue with just a pair of 8s. Better to just raise and charge draws/force them to fold out their equity in this pot. My hand is likely still ahead here, but so so many hands have a ton of equity against me and I'd like to get them out.
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            Originally posted by oriholic View Post
            ...Depending on stack sizes I either call, raise, or shove.
            I call or shove.



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