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1010 in small blind

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  • 1010 in small blind

    Just curiouse how other players would play this hand. Was it a bad call because of my position?
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    TT is effectively the same as 22 here; an overcard hits 70% on the flop an 87% on the full board, so unless you hit a set you're going to fold. Either isolate and shove or fold; with a healthy stack the latter's a better option.


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      Agree the call is definitely bad.

      You have a perfect reshove stack size over a 4x, so reshoving is a viable option and TT will play well enough against the villains calling range generally. A lot depends on the villain read and you're not supplying reads or info in your posts, so that's the first step. Start observing your opponents so when you run into these decisions you know if the villain is loose or tight, conservative or a risk taker, aggressive or passive, etc. etc.

      In the absence of reads, with less than 20 bb's I would jam over an opener with TT. If the villain is really nitty then I think it becomes a fold.
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        I agree, I wouldn't be calling there... it's a shove or fold, in my eyes. It would also depend on what the other opponent has been doing. If they're playing tight, then I'd probably muck since I'd still have a good number of chips.... if they were playing loose, then I'd shove.

        depending on where you are at in the tourney would matter too. If I'm close to the bubble, but not there yet, it's more of a muck too... because I'd want to get ITM and you do still have a decent number of chips.

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          Well I guess that makes it 4 for 4 on this one...

          Calling is the drop dead LAST play that you should be making here. What can you reasonably hope for the flop to be when you call here? Only 2 things really---either you catch a 10 (7-1 against,or 1 in every 8 times if you prefer,so not good odds there) or 3 undercards that aren't running into straight or flush possibilities,or both.You need to take how your hand will play against the likely range of your opponent(s) post flop when you make your pre-flop jam,raise,call or fold decisions.

          To me I feel that 1010 and JJ (even 99 somewhat) play much stronger pre-flop than they do post flop so that's when I want to put the pressure on with these hands.

          Dave and JW make an excellent point as to helping to analyze this (and other) hands for you though...that point being provide (if possible) the playing style of the villian. That makes all the difference in a spot like this...if they're nitty then I'm likely to give them credit for a painted pair or rockets. Auto-fold. Someone who likes AK,AQ and KQs a lot? Then I'm jamming and seeing if they want to flip. The read on the player is crucial to how to play in this spot.


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            ok thank you all umbup:
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